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How to save your time & money

Our goal is to accompany companies in their development process towards Industry 4.0 by providing adaptable measurement solutions which can be used in various industrial IoT applications:

application logisitics optimization  

Logistics optimization


We help you save time and money by optimizing resources monitoring and better coordinating your company’s key services.


  • Presence detection (smart lockers)
  • Weight measurement (connected screw trays)
  • Filling level measurement (connected buckets)

  • Improved touring / replenishing efficiency
  • Reduction of equipment unused
app maintenance predictive

Predictive maintenance


Our solutions can be used to perform predictive maintenance by identifying upstream faults and thus triggering anticipated maintenance actions to avoid breakdowns and reduce operational losses.


  • Shock detection (connected fences)
  • Anticipation of failure (ball bearings)
  • Vibrations (engines)

  • Reduce downtime
  • Anticipating machine failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs
usine du futur

Factory of the future


We create with you the factory of the future in which all the links of the production chain communicate permanently thanks to Internet of Things, giving you a 360 ° vision in real time.


  • Force/couple measurement (connected tools)
  • Level checking (tanks)
  • Pressure measurement (gas bottles)

  • Improve the monitoring of industrial equipment
  • Increase the reliability of procedures
  • Enable traceability of production chain operations
surveillance structures

Structural health monitoring


We integrate our measurement solutions into your structures in order to observe their health and detect any anomalies.


  • Dilation measurement (bridges)
  • Stress measurement (dams)

  • Reduce the cost of control operations
  • Increase plant availability


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