For its 5th anniversary, Nanolike joins the IoT Valley

Nanolike takes a step forward for its 5th anniversary by joining the IOT Valley in order to achieve dynamic growth and improve its competitiveness on the Internet of Things market.

The IoT Valley goal: to develop a unique ecosystem specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT Valley is an association created in 2009 by Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of Sigfox, and currently chaired by Hervé Schlosser. It gathers more than 40 startups, major groups and an acceleration program: LeConnected.Camp. Today it is Europe’s reference business ecosystem specialized in the internet of things and connected objects.

Nanolike provides answers to the IoT requirements

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing sector which needs new skills and specific performances. Nanolike can match these needs with the development of a new strain gauge technology made from nanoparticles. Thanks to their physical properties, these nano-strain gauges can be used in many IoT applications providing high sensitivity and low energy consumption. They can be found in E-Health with weight measurement solution used in connected balances, in E-textile for smart clothing, and also in the Industry 4.0 to help companies improve their production processes.

We already have partnerships with IoT Valley

Currently resident at the CEEI Théogone, Nanolike already works in partnership with some of the IoT Valley members such as Intesens on a successful project about monitoring the distortion endured by mechanical structures following the crossing of trains. All the gathered data was then made available thanks to Sigfox’s technology.

The arrival of Nanolike in the IoT Valley ecosystem is therefore a logical continuation in its evolution, in order to increase this collaboration and the development on this high expanding market: the industrial Internet of Things.

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