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A new generation of sensors

Nanoparticles for measurement applications

The nanosensor technology

Nanolike develops a new technology of nanoparticle-based nanosensors. Thanks to the physical properties at nanoscale, nanosensors allow have a high sensitivity with both very low size and electrical consumption.

Nanojauge-contrainte-nanocpateurNanosensor example (successive zoom)

Controlled deposition of nanoparticles between two gold electrodes make very high sensitivity resistive nano strain gauges.

More information about the product and its applications on our nano strain gauge dedicated website:



  • High impedance (> 200kΩ)
  • Ultra-low consumption (< µW)
  • Miniature (<100µm)
  • Very high sensitivity
    (50x more sensitive)
  • Suitable for full mapping
  • Suitable for pressure, force, weight measurements (« 3-en-1 »)
  • Extreme integration to reduce installation costs (“Meshed” digital sensors): paste 100 sensors in one operation…

Test & Measurement

Discover our solutions for stress test analysis…

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Discover our product range for sensor manufacturing (force, pressure, weight etc.)….

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Internet of Things

Make your device smarter, thanks to our customizable and power saving measurement solutions…

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