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An innovative anti-counterfeiting marking technology

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Nanolike manufactures a new type of anti-counterfeiting marker based on nanoparticles, Nanoproof®.

The Nanoproof® technology was designed to integrate and secure products or packaging to assist brands in their fights against counterfeiting and gray markets.

Nanoproof® product

Nanoproof® is an anti-counterfeiting marker with 3 functions : identification, authentication and traceability of your products or packaging.
Unforgeable, customizable and installed in the surface, it’s readable by all players in the control chain.


An innovative anti-counterfeiting marking technology


Example of luminescent QR code


Customizable, the Nanoproof® security solution suits your needs.

Reading properties


Marking the surface and containing the information,
Nanoproof® simultaneously secures the substrate and the data.

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