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The test tube for temperature tracking

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Nanolike has developed a test tube to record temperature of biological samples during preanalytical phase, for example during a journey from the patient home to the medical laboratories. 

This temperature tracker called Nanotrack® is dedicated to medical laboratories who have to guarantee temperature traceability of biological samples as planned in NF-EN-ISO-15189 norm.

The Nanotrack® is very simple to use. You check the conformity of your biological samples with a simple finger push on its cap. Only one glance to its LED display ensure you the perceived temperature by your samples has not exceeded the defined thresholds.

Smartly designed as a test tube, the general shape of the Nanotrack® makes easier the tasks of your nurses or couriers. It perfectly fits in all kinds of transports boxes and bags as any test tube. You have no more squared or rounded boxes you do not know how to arrange!

Nanolike provides you ThermoGap, its online tours follow-up tool. From now on, you are able to easily manage you temperature data thanks to the reports we regularly send you. You can identify the non-compliant tours and apply remedial measures to improve the liability of your samples.

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