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Our nanoparticle deposition expertise


In order to meet the demand of a research laboratory working on the quantification of the lipases enzymatic activity, Nanolike assembled a Fe2O3-nanoparticle dense layer on a PET/triglyceride substrate. This device gave a better understanding of such enzymes activity that play a key role in medical diagnosis and are used as catalysts in many industrial sectors (food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic…)



Nanolike uses its colloidal nanoparticle assembly expertise for in vitro diagnostic applications. The use of functionalized nanoparticle with antibodies allows producing biological sensors sensitive to the presence of a specific antigen present at low concentration in a biological sample.


The integration of lithium-based nanoparticles in energy storage component is a promising technology because of their ability to provide strong energy densities. Technologies used by Nanolike can help solving this problem by an accurate control of their assembly.

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