The National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse entrusts to Nanolike diplomas authentication

This year, for the first time, the new INSA Toulouse engineer diploma will be delivered with a secured card certifying the qualification. It will be officially presented to the students during the graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 21, 2015.
This card has credit card dimensions, it is protected from counterfeiting by a marker based on nanoparticles, it will allow owners of an engineering degree from INSA to certify the authenticity of the diploma throughout their life.
This technology, Nanoproof® by Nanolike, guarantees the integrity of the diploma as well as personal information. This initiative is a response to numerous requests from companies to ensure the validity of the diploma.

Nanoproof® is a new marking method using invisible nanoparticles developed and marketed by Nanolike.
This solution consists in making a micrometric marking, made from a blend of luminescent nanoparticles, invisible to the naked eye. These particles are arranged to encode custom information currently available on the document or on the object. Nanoproof® is directly integrated in the support during its manufacture. A simple smartphone can scan Nanoproof® and access to data authentication
Counterfeiting is constantly increasing and spares no sector, from medecines to consumer products through luxury products or official documents. The best protection is to secure the product from its manufacture using a non-reproducible technology.

Nanolike just opens a manufacturing line for Nanoproof®.

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