IBCs Can Effective Optimize Industry Logistics

IBCs Can Effective Optimize Industry Logistics

The advent of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) has transformed operations in the supply chain. As a logistics enabler, IBC tanks help in the storage and transportation of bulk powder and liquids. Generally, IBCs are usually standardized storage and shipping containers.

The containers are commonly used for transporting and handling hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. To save on space, IBC totes are designed for stacking during storage, transportation, or operation. This makes it easy to manage the inventory and minimize the use of space in your manufacturing plant or home. Further, the IBC can easily be moved by a forklift or a pallet jack. Besides facilitating the storage of large quantities of solid and liquid substances, they are ideal for transporting various substances for industrial use.

The universal design of IBC tanks makes it easier to package and ship all sorts of cargo. It’s against this backdrop that the role of IBC tanks in logistics cannot be underscored. So, how do IBC tanks facilitate logistics optimization? Read on!

IBC Tanks

Intermediate bulk containers commonly known as IBC is an industrial-grade pallet mounted reusable container used for transportation and storage of bulk liquid. Typically, the containers offer an efficient way of handling and storing liquid. The tanks are not only durable but they also provide a storage solution for various industries.

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Logistics Optimization

Logistics optimization is activities that help improve efficiency in the supply chain. In other words, they are enablers for optimizing logistics and supply chain decisions. Logistics optimization and supply chain can be expensive if not well managed. This is why proper logistics optimization processes come in handy to reduce the costs of operations in the supply chain.

IBC Tanks in Logistics Optimization


High transportation cost is a factor that various industries across the world grapple with. The IBC tanks facilitate the transportation of large volumes of liquid at once. Contrary to the use of several containers during transportation, you can easily lift and transport the pallet-mounted tank to any location. This also reduces the cost incurred in the supply chain cycle.


IBC tanks are made of reusable plastic material that can accommodate all sorts of liquid. This makes it easier to transport any liquid substances to any given location.

Logistics Planning

Logistics planning is made easier through easy storage and transportation. Rather than segmenting different volumes to be dispatched through different containers, you can easily dispatch large volumes of liquid through a few IBCs to different destinations.

Reduce the Cost of Logistics

The high cost of logistics remains a challenge in various industries. The use of IBC containers is not only time-saving but reduces the costs incurred in procuring several containers in packaging. This also reduces human labor since the container can easily be lifted by a forklift and put on a track for transportation to any location.

Benefits of IBC Tanks in Storage and Shipping

Saves Space

Investing in IBC totes helps minimize the use of space in your manufacturing facility. The tanks have an average liquid capacity of between 450 to 3000 litres. Therefore, you can cut down on storage space by leveraging the capacity. If you don’t have enough space, you can opt to stack the IBC on top of one another.

Additionally, it saves on costs incurred on labor force since the staff can move large liquid containers in a single trip instead of having to load several barrels. You can load and unload your inventory with ease without wasting time.

Reduced Cost of Storage

To reduce the cost of storage, you can opt to reuse your IBC. Instead of buying new tanks every time you want to send out an order, you can as well reuse your IBC. All you need to do is carry out an inspection to ascertain any damage. Upon verification, you can simply wash the tank and use it to dispatch another order.

Perfect Storage Solution

Ranging from drinking water to industrial chemicals, the containers can be used to transport a wide range of liquid substances. In case your plant focuses on manufacturing various chemicals, you can use IBC tanks for both storage and transportation. Instead of dispatching several containers which may be challenging to track, IBCs make it easier to procure storage and shipping.


When it comes to storage and transportation of dangerous chemicals, IBCs come in handy to guarantee safety. IBC tanks are made of strong and durable plastic that ensures the safety of your liquid. The wirecase on the wall protects the container from damage during transportation.

However, IBCs are designed for shipping and storage of all sorts of liquid. This makes them a perfect choice for various manufacturing industries and even households. Whether you run a chemical engineering plant or preserve drinking water, the containers will not only help reduce damage to your product, but also increase efficiency and save on extra costs.

In-Built Pallets for Easy Transportation

IBCs come with a pallet attached at the bottom. Therefore, you can’t worry about the pallets being separated from the container during shipment. This makes it easier to lift and move the containers using a forklift. In that case, employees will not have to look for pallets during loading and offloading.

Fast Dispense of Liquid

IBCs come with a nozzle attached to the front. This makes it easier to dispense liquid. You can easily operate the nozzle by opening or closing the tap. That way, you can control the amount of liquid coming out of the container. This saves your facility from being damaged by dangerous chemicals.

As a precautionary measure, you save your employees from the danger associated with handling dangerous and inflammable chemicals. In that case, you preserve your inventory by controlling the quantities of chemicals you may need for various functions.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are designed to store and transport large volumes of liquid. This improves logistics and makes it easier to run the inventory. If you are struggling with how to utilize your small space in your chemical plant and at times find it difficult to track some gallons upon dispatch, then IBCs are the ultimate solution.

IBCS saves on the cost of operations and also makes it easier to track and manage inventory records. Therefore, investing in an IBC is a perfect solution for your logistics needs.

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