IBC Monitoring as a Logistical Asset in the Supply Chain

IBC Monitoring as a Logistical Asset in the Supply Chain

The supply chain has highly been impacted by the advent of Intermediate Bulk container monitoring technology. Through cloud-based Radar level sensors, users can easily monitor and collect IBC data straight from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. Ever heard of IoT radar sensors? The cloud-based IoT sensors have greatly impacted the role of IBC tanks in the Chemical industry.

Besides monitoring the level of content in every IBC tank, the Radar technology helps determine whether the containers need to be moved or not. However, the best way to monitor IBC container levels is through radar-level sensors. As a working principle, the radar level transmitters can measure through all sorts of materials.

Instead of struggling to fit your IBC container with Ultrasonics and mechanical level solutions, you can opt for FMR20 or Micropilot FMR10 which are cheap and readily available in the market. So what is the importance of cloud-based IBC monitoring technology in the supply chain? Read on!

Radar Level Sensor Technology

Radar level sensors are instruments used to measure the height of liquid contained in a container. The cloud-based radar level sensor technology converts liquid level in a container to an electric signal and sends data to a user.

In other words, the liquid level sensor technology transmits electromagnetic waves through an antenna system from the measured product to the receiver. In that case, plant operators are able to collect information regarding liquid levels from various containers.

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The level Sensor as a Logistics Optimizer

Internet of things (IoT) has highly impacted logistics in the supply chain in many ways.

Accurate Liquid Level Data

As a logistics optimizer, radar technology makes it easier to track liquid levels in all containers available in the store. This makes it easier to keep track of all your liquid at the comfort of your office. In this regard, you can keep proper records of your stock.

Order Processing

All orders placed can easily be processed and dispatched to clients. This is attributed to the fact that you can easily process urgent orders since you have accurate data of the stock. In that case, invoices can be processed quickly and sent to clients.


You can easily process orders and dispatch available liquid stock without the need of confirming the quantity. The accurate stock of data supplied by the radar sensor level technology makes it easier to dispatch liquid to whichever destination.

Improved Efficiency in The Supply Chain

Inaccurate data, slow-paced order processing, and high costs in the labor force are some of the drawbacks that negatively impact the supply chain. Besides improving efficiency, radar-level sensor technology minimizes possible losses that may be incurred in the supply chain cycle.

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The Importance of Level Monitoring Technology

Level Monitoring Made Easy

Setting up new data helps you have access to your inventory data immediately. Unlike traditional level sensors that require a lot of infrastructure, you can easily set up IoT sensors on the cloud and monitor everything in your plant straight from your mobile device. Additionally, you can opt for Netilion value which comes with a dashboard, map, notifications history, and more features.

Reduced Structural Costs

Battery power and wireless communication save on structural costs. All you need is to install a cloud-based radar transmitter to get set in your monitoring needs. In this case, Micropilot FWR30 is one of the key compact level sensors that you can invest in.

The IIoT radar is easy to install outside an IBC container. Being that the sensors only require a battery to power up and wireless communication, you can relocate the IBC tank to any location that has stable internet and retrieve data.

Accuracy in Measuring Liquid Levels

Measuring liquid levels in several tanks can be challenging. Through the liquid level sensor technology, users can easily ascertain liquid levels in several tanks at once. This makes it easier to monitor stock and manage operations in the supply chain.

Reduced Liquid Theft

The radar level sensor technology makes it easier for plant supervisors to monitor liquid levels in all containers in the plant. This minimizes liquid theft since the managers can keep regular track of quantities produced.

Easy to Manage the Inventory

Inventory management can be challenging without proper technology. Imagine taking stock of thousands of IBC containers in a plant. In that case, the IBC radar sensor technology lessens the burden of having to go around physically confirming liquid levels in all the containers.


IBC monitoring technology comes in handy in the supply chain. You can easily quantify the available quantity of liquid in containers and dispatch without the need for measurement. However, order processing is made easier since you can easily dispatch the quantity ordered without the need of quantifying the volumes.

Benefits of Radar Sensors in the Chemical Industry

Monitoring chemical levels pose a serious challenge to most plant operators. The advent of IBC Radar technology comes in handy with a myriad of benefits in the chemical industry.

Safety of Chemicals

Typically, radar-level sensors keep chemicals safe from being contaminated. This is due to the wireless cloud-based technology that helps minimize movement in the chemical store.

Minimizes Spillage

Wastage remains a challenge in most chemical plants. Minimizing movement in the inventory helps reduce wastage through spillage. Reduced physical activity in the storage department is ideal in avoiding spillage.

Reduces Chemical-Related Accidents

The non-contact approach to managing IBC containers through radar sensor technology minimizes chemical-related accidents. You do not have to push tanks here and there to physically ascertain the liquid levels. Instead, the technology helps you get level data straight from your phone.

Reduced Cost of the Labor Force

Managing large chemical plants can be costly to most entrepreneurs. In this case, the radar level sensor technology reduces costs that may be incurred in cycle count in the inventory. Instead of deploying several employees to take stock of chemical quantity, you can deploy a few individuals to collect liquid level data through cloud-based level measurement technology. The technology can furnish users with thousands of data at once. This is contrary to the use of human labor which can not only be costly and ineffective but also time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

Intermediate Bulk container (IBC) monitoring can be challenging without appropriate Technology. By installing cloud-based radar level sensors, you can easily monitor your entire liquid straight from your smartphone.

The level sensor technology not only helps reduce risks of losses but makes it easier to monitor and manage your stock. If you haven’t installed a liquid monitoring technology in your chemical plant, it’s high time you do so.

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