Major IBC Tank Brands

In the world of industrial packaging, Intermediate Bulk Containers (commonly known as IBCs) are a staple. These rectangular, pallet-mounted containers have become one of the most popular packaging options for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Since Olivier J. L. D’Hollander patented the first IBC in 1993, many industrial packaging firms made their own versions of his design, and the IBC quickly became one of the most popular industrial storage containers.

While numerous companies manufacture and sell IBCs, the following five companies currently dominate the global market for Intermediate Bulk Containers:

  • Greif, Inc.
  • Schutz
  • Werit
  • Mauser
  • Schoeller Allibert

All of these brands produce high-quality IBC tanks to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries, and though their products are somewhat similar, each company has distinguished itself as a major player in the global IBC market.

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Greif, Inc.

Greif, Inc., is one of the oldest IBC manufacturers in existence. Although the company did not release its first line of IBC products until the 1990s, Greif has been a key player in the world of industrial packaging since it was founded in 1877.

Greif started out as a small cooperage firm in Cleveland, Ohio, but the company quickly grew when it discovered a way of manufacturing barrels sturdy enough to ship heavy railroad spikes cross-country. Over the years, Greif transitioned away from barrel-making to modern industrial packaging, but the company maintained its focus on product quality that fostered its initial success.

Today, Greif is one of the largest IBC manufacturers in the world, and it currently has a presence in over 40 major North American, European, Latin American, and Asian markets. Along with its line of IBCs, Greif also manufactures other industrial packaging goods as well as related products like adhesives and liners.

Greif’s IBC Products

Greif, Inc., manufactures a variety of IBC tanks and flexible IBCs (FIBCs) along with a handful of optional services that enhance clients’ experience with Greif’s IBCs.

Greif’s primary line of rigid IBCs is called the GCUBE. The basic GCUBE consists of three parts—a pallet base, a polyethylene tank, and a protective cage. Buyers can customize a variety of features on the GCUBE, such as tank color and valves, and they can choose from three types of pallets—wooden, plastic, and hybrid. Most industries prefer wooden or hybrid pallets, but food manufacturers often select plastic.

In addition to the base GCUBE model, Greif also produces three specialized IBCs for use in particular industries. The GCUBE Shield, for instance, has a multi-layer design to prevent leakage and gas seepage, and the GCUBE Elektron is static-proof and meant to handle flammable products, such as oil or gasoline. Likewise, the GCUBE Food is specifically manufactured to meet rigorous food safety standards.

Along with its rigid IBC tanks, Greif also manufactures many FIBCs. The GCUBE Flex is a hybrid IBC that utilizes a pallet base and protective cage with a flexible interior, and it is designed to ensure its contents remain free of contamination. Greif also sells standard FIBCs, or “Big Bags,” that are made of polyethylene weave to store various solid goods.

Finally, Greif distinguishes itself from other IBC manufacturers with its intense focus on sustainability. In addition to selling rebottled and refurbished containers, Greif offers two sustainability services—a Green Tool and EarthMinded Life Cycle Services. The Green Tool allows companies to gain insight into their overall environmental impact and generate compliance reports for various government agencies. EarthMinded, on the other hand, is Greif’s internal IBC recycling service that allows companies to reuse and mindfully dispose of their containers.


Like Greif, Schutz is a major IBC manufacturer that focuses intently on crafting industrial containers that are environmentally sustainable.

Founded in 1958, this German company has rapidly expanded into a major global industrial packaging firm with a presence in major markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company became successful thanks to its focus on efficiency and product quality.

Today, Schutz prides itself on its massive selection of IBCs and other containers geared toward a variety of industries and clients.

Schutz’s IBC Products

The most impressive aspect of Schutz’s IBC product offerings is its variety. Schutz designs its IBCs for use in a wide array of industries, including:

  • Chemical manufacturing (especially hazardous chemicals);
  • Petrochemicals;
  • Food production;
  • Health and personal care;
  • Agriculture; and
  • Electronic manufacturing.

Schutz thus offers a large spread of IBC products that must meet certain standards for each industry, including UN and country-specific standards, and the company allows its buyers to easily design tanks that meet their exact needs.

The company’s IBC tanks are also highly customizable and come in many sizes. Currently, Schutz offers 640 litres, 820 litres, 1,000 litres, and 1,250 litres tanks. As a general rule, smaller tanks should be used for heavier or more volatile substances whereas larger tanks can be used with lighter, more stable products.

Schutz also provides buyers with four pallet options:

  • Wood;
  • Wood/plastic composite;
  • Steel; and
  • Plastic.

Most of Schutz’s IBCs come with wood or composite pallets as they are the most popular options. Plastic pallets are typically used for food-grade IBCs, and steel pallets are only used to carry heavy loads since these are the most expensive option.

Although Schutz allows buyers to design all aspects of their IBCs, the company also sells suites of features meant for particular industries. The most commonly purchased industry-specific IBCs are food-grade IBCs. These containers are designed and manufactured with food producers in mind, and they meet the rigorous food safety standards imposed by national and international agencies.

Likewise, Schutz offers UV-resistant IBCs for outdoor use, and for petroleum or automotive clients, Schutz offers EX-Zone IBCs that are static- and flame-resistant.

Schutz’s IBCs also boast some of the most creative and cutting-edge customization options in the industry. These include:

  • Permeation-Barrier EVOH: this tank treatment insulates sensitive or aromatic goods from external interference, and it is most popular among chemical and fragrance manufacturers.
  • Steel Sheet Jacket: Buyers can upgrade the protective cage on their IBC to a steel sheet jacket to provide their container with greater protection.
  • Permanent Positioning: Certain producers or manufacturers—particularly in agriculture—may wish to install an IBC for permanent use. Schutz thus offers specialized IBCs for that purpose.
  • Integrated Impeller System: Some mixtures tend to settle at the bottom of an IBC during storage or transit, and mixing a massive IBC is a difficult task. To solve this problem, Schutz offers an Integrated Impeller System that constantly mixes the contents of an IBC.

Finally, in all of its product lines, Schutz promotes reconditioned IBCs as an alternative to new ones. All of Schutz’s refurbished IBCs are meticulously inspected and meet all relevant industry standards.

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Since its founding in 1896, Mauser has remained at the forefront of industrial packaging technology.

The company first attained success when it became one of the first steel drum manufacturers in 1902 when founder Alfons Mauser sought a solution to inconvenient wooden and glass containers. From there, Mauser and his successors have continuously sought better ways to package, store, and transport industrial goods.

Today, Mauser remains a world leader in the industrial packaging industry with over 100 offices and facilities across the globe.

Mauser’s IBC Products

Mauser’s IBC products encompass a wide range of industries, and the company also offers a handful of services to enhance clients’ experience with their products.

Like its competitors, the majority of Mauser’s IBC tanks use a simple three-part design, and the company offers custom features for clients in particular industries. Here are some examples of industries that Mauser serves and the custom features offered with their IBCs:

  • Medical: leak-proof tanks, waste containment systems, and SHARPSGUARD (puncture protection for medical instrument transport).
  • Chemical: insulated tanks, anti-static treatments, flame retardants, and tamper-proof settings.
  • Food: sanitary construction and food safety certification.
  • Pharmaceutical: aseptic sealed storage.

Mauser also offers reconditioned IBCs and Composite IBCs, which are tubular and omit the protective cage found on standard IBCs.

In addition to its line of IBC products, Mauser offers its clients a variety of IBC-related services to improve their use of IBC tanks. First, Mauser offers a used IBC collection and recycling program to all manufacturers. This program enables Mauser to collect used IBCs and then repair, refurbish, or recycle them as needed.

Mauser also offers a Fleet Management service for companies looking to outsource the storage and/or shipping of their IBCs. Through this service, companies can more easily track and manage their container shipments, allowing them to reduce incidents and overall costs.

Finally, Mauser also allows clients to create custom service packages for their containers. This can include regular container pickups, repair plans, and partial fleet management.


Werit is another European company that specializes in crafting high-quality IBC tanks.

The company first emerged in 1949 when Helmhold Schneider bought a small processing firm in Germany. Schneider’s tenacity and inventiveness helped propel the company to success, and by the 1990s, Werit led the pack in the world of IBC manufacturing.

Today, Schneider and his two sons continue to stay ahead of the curve in the industrial packaging world, and Werit remains one of the best international IBC brands.

Werit’s IBC Products

Like Schutz, Werit offers an impressive variety of IBCs. The company’s most popular IBC tank product lines are:

  • ECOline;
  • TOPline;
  • BLUEline;
  • POLYex;
  • NUTRiline;
  • PROTECline; and
  • COMPACTline.

Werit’s ECOline is its most popular of IBC tanks. These simple IBCs include a pallet base, a plastic tank, and a protective cage. ECOline’s simple design makes it Werit’s most affordable line of IBC tanks, but these types of tanks can only be used with non-hazardous and non-consumable liquids.

TOPline is an upgraded version of the ECOline that is specifically designed to handle hazardous materials. Though both lines use the same components, TOPline’s tanks are reinforced to prevent leakage and gas permeation, and some TOPline models include a steel bed.

BLUEline is another set of IBCs that work well with hazardous materials. In addition to basic protections like leak resistance, BLUEline IBCs can be equipped with a CDS withdrawal system, which uses a valve with integrated aeration and venting to precisely dispense the contents of the IBC.

Likewise, Werit’s POLYex line was developed for use with flammable materials. These containers feature static- and flame-resistant coatings, and they are rated for use in HX environments.

As its name suggests, NUTRiline features IBCs crafted with food safety requirements in mind. They are manufactured in a “clean” environment, and they even meet Kosher and Halal food standards. These containers are also inspected by government authorities to ensure compliance with all consumable product regulations.

For UV-sensitive materials, PROTECline offers superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The tanks on PROTECline IBCs are specially designed to deflect UV rays, making this line of products ideal for any manufacturer that makes or utilizes sun-sensitive materials.

Finally, COMPACTline IBCs are small IBCs that can be stacked and stored with ease. Although specifications on these IBCs can be limited due to their size, they can be treated for use with hazardous, consumable, or UV-sensitive material. Generally, COMPACTline IBCs are used by small companies with limited warehouse space or in active manufacturing plants.

In addition to their IBC product lines, Werit also offers an IBC Ticket Service to maintain the quality of its products throughout their lifespan and to encourage clients to reuse and refurbish their own IBC tanks. When a client’s IBC tank fails, they may send it in for repair, refurbishment, or replacement. This service is complimentary to all Werit IBC tank owners.

Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert is a primarily European firm, but it has a presence in a handful of major markets throughout the globe. However, its popularity in Europe and high-quality products place it on the list of the world’s top IBC manufacturers.

Since the company’s founding in 1959, Schoeller Allibert has established itself as an innovative brand committed to service and sustainability. In fact, the majority of the company’s products are made from recycled materials.

Today, Schoeller Allibert is a fast-growing industrial packaging brand, and it boasts some of the best IBCs on the market.

Schoeller Allibert’s IBC Products

Schoeller Allibert distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a creative lineup of IBC products.

One of this company’s most unique IBCs is the Combo Fructus. This IBC is both rigid and flexible with a hard plastic tank that is also foldable, making it durable while being easy to clean and store.

Likewise, Schoeller Allibert’s Combo Life is a more standard rigid IBC that has a slew of unique features. Some Combo Life models include a fully detachable lid to facilitate filling the container, and others include a bottom valve that can be attached to a hose to dispense liquid.

While Schoeller Allibert prides itself on its unique designs, it does offer a handful of more standard IBCs for less-adventurous consumers. The Combo Excelsior, for instance, is a simple IBC with double walls for added protection.

Like its competitors, Schoeller Allibert also has an internal recycling service that encourages its buyers to repair and refurbish their tanks, and they offer refurbished tanks to buyers at a discounted price.


And last but not least : Varibox’s IBC tanks.

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