Schoeller Allibert’s IBC Tanks

IBC Tanks by Schoeller Allibert

As one of the biggest Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) producers in Europe, Schoeller Allibert has been serving numerous businesses for over 60 years with their products. This company’s IBC designs help items to be stored and transported in an efficient manner while encouraging a reduction in costs. It also works toward finding new innovations to help consumers in its testing center. Schoeller Allibert also has a strong focus on ensuring its products are safe for the environment and will not produce unnecessary waste. Readers will discover more about this major IBC tank brand below as well as how its products help a handful of industries succeed.

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About Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert has been in the business since 1959 and employs thousands of people who work in its design and manufacturing sectors. The brand focuses on creating products, particularly IBCs, that are affordable and ecological. Because of this, it has been able to expand throughout Europe and open a few branches around the globe.

Its Brand Values

The company focuses on a few different values that it believes will not only help it to grow, but ensure that customers receive only the best.

Fast Service

Schoeller Allibert values fast service which is why it has a 360-degree solutions feature that helps businesses create an efficient logistics network when shipping their IBCs. This feature also allows businesses to send their IBCs back to the company so they can be recycled and re-purposed, all of which can happen in the span of a few days.

Affordable Transportation and Shipment Plans

Schoeller Allibert also works to provide ways to reduce the cost of product transportation and shipment. To help with this, it offers a returnable plastic bin that not only ensures the product is free from damages, but stays durable and is lightweight.


Another value is quality. This company designs items that are of the highest quality yet sustainable. Schoeller Allibert creates their products to have a lifespan of at least 10 years. This IBC brand also provides quality in their logistics network by partnering with groups around the globe and has written a detailed plan that adheres to the Plan-Do-Check-Act concept.

A Focus on the Environment

This brand also works to create sustainable products that can be fully recycled. To follow this value the company:

  • Produces and transports products while reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Follows numerous environmental certifications, such as ISO 14001.
  • Creates food-grade materials that can be safely used to store organic food without contamination.

Its Focus on Innovation

Schoeller Allibert has a strong approach to innovation with its testing center consistently developing new technologies and products for consumers to use. The brand has been able to design and sell numerous innovative items for various industries, such as in-mold labeling and an EFSA recycling process.

In-Mold Labeling

In-mold labeling is ideal for companies who wish to advertise on their IBCs or other Schoeller Allibert products. This labeling process allows a printed molded label to be formed, usually on polyethylene foils, which can then be applied to the exterior of an item. The labels are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures preventing them from warping or melting. They can be made in different sizes and colors depending on the needs of a specific brand.

EFSA Recycling Process for Food Containers

Another unique innovation created by Schoeller Allibert is its EFSA recycling process for food containers. The recycling process grinds down old IBC food containers into tiny shards that then go through an intense washing and cleaning procedure. Once this is done, the shards are then poured into an injection molding machine so they can be made into a new food container. This process has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as it prevents particles from previous food items from contaminating the new containers.

The Benefits of Using Schoeller Allibert IBCs

Schoeller Allibert’s containers come with many benefits, some of which are listed below.

They Come in Many Different Designs

Consumers will find that this brand’s IBCs come in a variety of different designs which allow clients to find a color or size that will work well for their company. Clients can also have their logos engraved into the products they purchase.

They Reduce Waste and are Fully Recyclable

Another benefit of using these tanks is that they reduce waste because they prevent the spoilage and destruction of items. They can also be customized to meet the preferences of clients—something that prevents an unnecessary (and costly) amount of products being made.

In addition to reducing waste, these environmentally-friendly tanks by Schoeller Allibert are completely recyclable. In fact, most of their IBCs are made of recycled materials. Once a client no longer needs their Schoeller Allibert IBC, they can send it back to the company’s headquarters where it will then be created into a new container or product.

They are Washable

This brand’s IBCs are also washable and can be re-used numerous times. Schoeller Allibert’s IBCs can be washed out with a sanitizer and then quickly dried to prevent the growth of germs. Because of this feature, it also allows clients to save money as they will not have to keep investing in new containers to store items. Instead, they can continue to handle the same IBCs for many years.

They are Versatile

These containers are extremely versatile as they can be used to hold countless types of items, like oil and cosmetics. In addition to this, the tanks can safely transport hazardous materials without them leaking or causing contamination. To help with carefully removing contents, most IBCs have valves that can be attached to hoses or pipes.

They are Durable

As mentioned above, one of Schoeller Allibert’s brand values is quality. Because of this, consumers will find that this company’s IBCs are made of durable materials, like steel. In addition to this, many of its IBCs feature double walls that keep the container intact while preventing the items inside from piercing through the tank or being damaged in some way due to heavy impact.

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Industries That Use Schoeller Allibert IBCs

This brand’s IBCs can be used in numerous industries.


Schoeller Allibert serves the automotive industry by creating containers that can hold paint, fuel, and oil. The IBCs can also be used to store vehicle pieces until they are needed, something which works to reduce waste and is cost-effective.


Retail IBCs are tamper-proof to prevent contents, which tend to be edible items, from being tainted. They can store various types of retail items, including fruits, clothing, books, and paper products. Retail IBCs by Schoeller Allibert come in two main models with one being designed to hold food and the other for non-consumable contents.


The pooling industry uses Schoeller Allibert’s IBCs to quickly transfer items to different facilities. Pooling IBCs are meant to last for years and can be used on conveyor belts and other forms of manufacturing equipment. These containers are food-grade and follow strict EU regulations. Clients can send their pooling IBCs back to the company when no longer needed thanks to its returnable transit packaging service. 


This industry also relies on Schoeller Allibert IBCs as a way to not only send perishable farm products to grocery stores, but allows those in the agricultural business to store fertilizers and chemicals. These lightweight boxes can be washed out and have a special cooling chamber feature to ensure that contents do not melt or spoil during their shipment. 

IBC Tanks by Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert produces a variety of IBC tanks that range in their designs.

Combo Fructus

Combo Fructus containers come in three different options that can hold weights of 1059, 1135, or 1200 litres. Featuring a blue exterior, this IBC is not only stackable, but foldable. This allows users to store the IBCs away without them taking up much space. The double walls of this IBC model are made of thick plastic that can be safely sanitized to remove any particles before being used again. This model also has a bayonet system which allows users to replace the tank’s skids when necessary.

To help with stacking, the Combo Fructus tanks have fork tines to help keep the tanks secure together. There are also handles on the side of each container to make moving them around easier. This option can be customized to have a company’s logo etched into the plastic.

Combo Excelsior

The Combo Excelsior can hold up to 1000 litres and is made with double walls to provide extra support. There are built-in handles on the sides to help with moving the tank around. This model can also be folded and measures 1.19 x 1 x 1.12 metres long.

Combo Life

The Combo Life line has five models clients can choose from. These models are constructed out of gray plastic pieces and feature a large lid that can be easily removed so users can check inside the tank. This detachable lid can also be used to better secure the contents when they are being stored or shipped.
In addition to this, most of the Combo Life tanks have a valve on the bottom that hoses can be attached to so that the contents can be sent to different tanks or containers. However, there is one model that does not feature this. These Intermediate Bulk Containers have numerous skids and can hold anywhere from 250 to 1325 litres. 

Other Products Designed by the Brand

 In addition to IBCs, Schoeller Allibert also designs a handful of other products, many of which can be used with their IBCs.


The pails created by this company come in numerous sizes and colors and can be utilized in various industries. They are tamper-evident and designed to have extra stability to prevent them from tipping over. Pails are able to store many different types of contents, such as inks, paint, and chemicals. A few also feature flex spouts to assist with pouring liquids.

Stack Containers

Stack containers are created in many different colors and sizes and can hold everything from paints to food products. Consumers will find plenty of models to choose from depending on their needs, many of which come with unique features like foldable lids, drainage holes, and label holders. All of these stack containers can be used to store or transport items from the brand’s IBCs.


For those looking to move IBCs around, Schoeller Allibert offers dollies that allow consumers to easily move the tanks without overexertion. The dollies feature designs such as an open-deck or grid-deck and can be made with rubber or nylon wheels. A handle is also available which can be attached to the end of a dolly to help with guiding it around.

Beverage Crates

Schoeller Allibert also offers beverage crates that can be used to hold water, beer, and soft drinks. These crates can be customized to help clients better advertise their products while making it easy for transporting, such as with the help of built-in grips and clips to keep the bottles secure. Its beverage crates are designed to be lightweight which also helps to reduce costs.

Schoeller Allibert has grown to be one of the largest IBC producers in Europe thanks to its durable tanks and vast selection of products. Besides providing consumers with high-quality items, the brand also follows a strict set of values that helps it to create quality and ecological products that can last for decades.

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