Varibox’s IBC Tanks

Many industries rely on intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, to transport and store raw materials and goods. IBCs are industrial-grade containers that are stackable and pallet-mounted, and they are often airtight to ensure the integrity of the materials that they contain. Many IBCs are designed with specific industries in mind, such as food or chemical manufacturing.

Varibox is a major IBC tank brand that specializes in containers for chemical distribution. The company offers three major types of IBCs, barrel storage, and secure and sustainable technology. Varibox’s mission is to provide packaging for chemical storage and distribution that is safe, reusable, and sustainable. It offers three core versions of its IBCs, a drum containment system, and other technologies to enhance the safety of its IBCs.

The following article will discuss Varibox as a company, its IBC tank offerings, and its other products.

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About Varibox

Varibox is an IBC manufacturer that specializes in creating sustainable containers for chemicals and detergents. The company was founded in 1966 and was originally called Fusion-Rubbermaid. In 1970, it created its first Multibox IBC-“a polyethylene bottle contained by a metal cage. From there, the company changed its name to Bonar Plastics as it expanded across Europe.

Then, in the 1990s, Varibox’s engineers developed an all-plastic IBC meant to be more resistant to chemical and other exposures. The company continues to make major advancements in the construction of plastic IBCs.

Today, Varibox’s mission statement is: -˜We provide packaging for chemical distribution that excels in safety, reusability and sustainability.’ Their vision is to create a future where chemicals can be safely packaged without creating waste.

One of Varibox’s primary goals as a company is to promote sustainability. All of their IBCs are designed to last up to ten years, and the company continues to seek ways to increase the lifespan of its products. Additionally, many of their IBCs are also made from recycled materials when possible. Varibox is also a part of Operation Clean Sweep-“an organization of plastics manufacturers that aims to reduce plastic waste and ocean pollution.

Varibox’s IBC Tanks

Varibox has three main IBC tank offerings-“Single Containment (SC), Full Containment (FC), and Compact Containment (CC). The company designs each of these products with the latest technology to ensure safe storage and transport of various chemicals and detergents. For each of its IBCs, Varibox prides itself on the durability and reusability of its containers.

All of the Varibox IBCs listed below can be customized with a variety of different features. All Varibox IBCs can be equipped with the company’s Safeline system, which will be discussed in greater detail below. Varibox also offers optional fill sensors to detect the amount of material in a given IBC. Other custom features can also be added to each Varibox IBC.

The following section will discuss each of these IBCs and their core features.

Varibox Single Containment (SC)

The Varibox SC is the company’s baseline IBC. This reusable container is a heavy-duty IBC meant to ensure safety when transporting and storing various chemicals. This IBC consists of a replaceable inner bottle that holds the product inside and a sturdy outer shell that protects the IBC’s contents during transport and storage. The SC is designed for intense usage in industrial settings, and you can customize your Varibox SC to meet your company or industry’s needs.

The SC’s valve and disbursement system is specifically designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with an automatic vent system, which activates when you open the discharge valve. This eliminates the risk of human error when dispensing chemicals. Likewise, Varibox’s discharge valve system ensures that chemicals remain safely inside the container when not in use, and buyers can add an optional pressure-release system for chemicals that could cause a product build-up.

Like most of Varibox’s products, the SC is meant to be as sustainable and reusable as possible. It has an overall lifetime of ten years, but the interior bottle must be replaced every five years per UN regulations. The SC’s pallet is also made of recyclable materials when possible.

The Varibox SC comes in two sizes: the SC 1000 and the SC 800. The size you choose will depend upon the amount of material that you wish to store as well as the size of your storage space.

Varibox Full Containment (FC)

Like the SC, the Varibox FC is an IBC designed to be as safe and sustainable as possible. The FC has a lifetime of ten years while the internal container must be replaced every five years. Additionally, the FC is also made of recycled materials when possible.

The primary difference between the Varibox FC and the SC is that the FC comes with enhanced safety features meant to contain more dangerous, volatile, or corrosive chemicals. The FC is a double-walled container with integrated spill containment, eliminating the need to set up additional drip-tray facilities when necessary. All Varibox FCs also come equipped with Varibox’s Safeline System, a high-quality disbursement system that is completely closed, and its extraction system also allows for minimal chemical residue in the container. The FC also comes with a connection point at the top of the container that can be used to empty and fill the IBC.

The Varibox FC comes in two sizes, 1000 litres and 800 litres. Each container size comes with the same baseline features, allowing customers to choose the size that best meets their needs without sacrificing quality. Like the SC, the FC can also be customized to meet the needs of a particular business.

Varibox Compact Containment (CC)

As its name suggests, the Varibox CC is a smaller version of its flagship IBCs that is meant as an alternative to traditional drum storage. Its 250 litres size is meant to safely store and transport smaller quantities of chemicals without sacrificing container quality. Like the FC, the Varibox CC comes with an integrated spill container, eliminating the need for additional equipment when storing or transporting the IBC.

The CC has a shorter lifespan than its larger counterparts since it does not include a removable interior container, so it must be replaced every five years. However, it can still be equipped with Varibox’s Safeline System, and it includes a valve at the top of the container for easy filling.

The Varibox Drumtainer

In addition to its IBC tanks, Varibox also offers the Drumtainer-“a mobile drip tray for standard 200-“230 litres drums. Varibox designed the Drumtainer to facilitate the easy and efficient transport of standard drums, and it provides an internal spill containment system to ensure safety during use.

The primary benefit of the Drumtainer is its ability to facilitate easier transport of drums around a warehouse or work site. Drumtainers can be moved by hand through push bars and wheels, and unlike standard drums, they can also be moved with forklifts and pallet jacks without risk of spillage. The only drawback of the Drumtainer is that it is not stackable like a standard IBC.

Like Varibox’s other products, the Drumtainer is also designed to enhance sustainability. The Drumtainer’s tilted design allows drums to be emptied almost completely, reducing waste and the need for cleaning. It also lessens the risk of spills that could damage the environment.

All of Varibox’s Drumtainers have a capacity of 300 litres, and their features can be customized to suit any buyer’s needs.

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Safeline Technology

Varibox offers all buyers the option of equipping their IBCs with Safeline technology. This system consists of an extractor tube that is connected to an extraction system by using a coupler, creating a closed system that does not need to be opened during transit, storage, or even active use. Varibox generally recommends this system for IBCs intended to store volatile, corrosive, or otherwise dangerous chemicals.

To utilize the Safeline system, the supplier will first fill the IBC using the valve located at the top of the container. The container is then prepared for use and sealed, allowing the container to remain closed and airtight during loading and transport.

Once the container arrives at its desired location, only a counter coupler needs to be connected to the top of the IBC, allowing for chemical disbursement. The container will remain fully sealed until it is moved to its final location within a facility. This eliminates the need to open the container at all, ensuring that you and others do not come in direct contact with the chemicals inside the container.

The container can still remain closed even when it has been emptied with the Safeline System. The system will ensure that the container is emptied as much as possible, leaving 1 litre or less of residue. After the container is empty, you simply need to disconnect the counter coupler prior to transporting it back to the supplier. In some cases, there is so little residue that cleaning is hardly necessary.

Varibox has two versions of the Safeline system-“Performance and Precision. The Performance system is meant for the dispersal of large quantities over short periods of time whereas the Precision system is designed for smaller quantities.

Safeline Performance

Varibox’s Safeline Performance system is designed for high-volume extraction. This system is best suited for materials that are heavily used during manufacturing or other processes. It has a maximum capacity of 20 litres per minute.

This system has two versions-“EPDM and Viton. The EPDM system is red, and it has a round shape. The Viton system is green with a 12-angular form. These differences ensure that users do not make incorrect connections while the IBC and Safeline system is in use.

The Performance system is also designed to leave minimal residue. On average, only .1 litre of material will remain in the container while only .4 litre of material will remain in the extractor tube. These numbers may vary based on materials and conditions, but Varibox takes care to ensure that its Safeline Performance system leaves behind as little residue as possible.

Safeline Precision

The Safeline Precision system is designed for safe, precise dosing of chemicals. The Precision system is best used for chemicals that only need to be utilized in small doses. Its maximum capacity is 50 litres per hour.

Like the Performance system, the Precision offers two different couplings-“EPDM and Viton. EPDM connections are red and round, and Viton connections are green and 12-angular.

The Precision system is also designed to leave behind minimal residue. With this system, only an average of .1 litres will remain in the IBC while .4 litres may remain in the extractor tube.

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