Look at All of the Werit IBC Tanks

If you have been searching through major IBC tank brands trying to find a high-quality brand to depend on, Werit might be the brand you have been searching for. This company has been helping companies that produce things such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hazardous chemicals, food products, and so on, to receive access to some of the best packaging system around.

Below, we will take a look at each of the major Werit IBC tanks that you can buy.

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ECOline is one of the most popular IBC tanks sold by Werit. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are best used for harmless liquids. This is also one of the most affordable IBC systems offered by Werit.

Noteworthy Specifications

The ECOline IBCs come in potential volumes of 600, 800, and 1000 litres. They are capable of filling materials with a density of 1.6 Rho. ECOline tanks can be reconditioned and returned free of charge of Werit should the need ever arise.

Special Features

ECOline IBC tanks from Werit have the ability to be filled with harmless (NON-UN) liquids. Due to their simple design and construction, this IBC system is best for those who aren’t working with hazardous chemicals or products with very special needs.

Industries Best Served

This IBC system is best used for non-hazardous (and non-UN) liquids. This includes any sort of consumable item that needs to be stored in bulk, food products, and so on. However, this is not an industrial-grade IBC system by any means.


TOPline IBCs are a great product to consider if you work in an industrial environment that works with hazardous materials. As we will cover below, this packaging system has one of the most unique sets of specifications and features found in the Werit brand.

Noteworthy Specifications

This product can be purchased in volumes of 300, 600, 800, and 1000 litres. Each of these sizes contains the same protection features for hazardous materials. This ICB tank is made with polythene material for the tank and a steel bed.

Special Features

This IBC packaging system comes in all of the major volume sizes and is approved for densities to a max of 1.9 Rho. The inner container is considerably strong and capable of handling chemicals that might otherwise leak out and cause problems on weaker IBC containers.

Industries Best Served

Companies that work with hazardous liquids according to UN 31 HA1/Y/D/BAM are some of the common industries for using this IBC system. Usually, companies that purchase this IBC tank don’t work with consumable products and are instead in need of an IBC that can handle potentially dangerous liquids.


POLYex IBCs are one of the UN-tested packaging systems offered by Werit. Due to their design, they are considerably stronger than many other IBCs from this manufacturer. Although a bit pricier than normal, they also have a fair share of perks that we will break down below.

Noteworthy Specifications

POLYex IBCs are designed to fill materials up to 2.4 Rho. However, they only come in volumes of 600 and 1000 litres. Therefore, these IBCs don’t quite the diversity of sizes that we can see present in some of the other IBCs from Werit.

Special Features

The POLYex IBC systems are UN-tested and can be safely filled with flammable liquids and be used in explosion zones 1 and 2. They are made with polythene skids and a steel bed. This is a considerably strong IBC for use with some of the most dangerous chemicals and substances.

Industries Best Served

Companies that create hazardous substances and flammable materials are two of the most common candidates for getting a POLYex system. Therefore, companies that create dangerous products and need remarkably-strong IBCs are usually the first to buy this line of IBCs.


NUTRiline IBCs are great packaging systems for those in need of an IBC system with extra protection against contamination during the storage and transport process for food products. These are considerably durable IBCs that come with a valve, lid, and plastic pallet.

Noteworthy Specifications

This IBC system works well with food products with a maximum density up to 1.6 Rho. They come in volumes of 600, 800, and 1000 litres. Each NUTRiline is made with polythene and has a plastic pallet included along with the purchase.

Special Features

These IBCs stand out for many different reasons. For starters, it fulfills the requirements for Kosher and Halal. They also align with FDA/EN 10/2011 standards. The vertical frame structure helps them to reduce the overall risk of deposits. There is also a UN version for people who need extra certification.

Industries Best Served

NUTRiline is best for companies that work with food products and/or hazardous substances. As mentioned, they align perfectly with the standards put forth by Jewish and Muslim religious authorities. They are also strong enough to work with potentially hazardous materials within the food industry.


BLUEline is another one of the Werit IBC systems that work well for hazardous materials. This is a particularly popular option among those that want higher levels of customization for their packaging system. Particularly in regards to how easy the materials are dispensed from the tank.

Noteworthy Specifications

This model doesn’t come in all popular volume sizes. If you want this IBC, you will need to choose between sizes of either 300 or 100 litres. These containers are capable of filling materials that have a density of up to 1.6 Rho. This is great for many types of hazardous materials that you may need to package and transport.

Special Features

BLUEline IBCs come equipped with the option to include a CDS withdrawal system. In addition, you can choose whether or not you want an integrated valve with aeration and venting. One feature that really stands out is the ability to empty the contents without actually opening the lid.

Industries Best Served

Those who work with hazardous substances that need to be filled and dispensed in the most efficient means possible are some of the most common corporations to get the BLUEline IBC. This IBC can be reconditioned and brought back up to par for free if any of the components start to decline. As described below, IBC ticket service is available free of charge for any of the Werit IBC systems.

Werit's IBC tanks-2


PROTECline is an overall wonderful IBC system for those who process hazardous materials that also happen to be UV-sensitive. Due to its unique design that protects your IBC’s contents from harmful sun rays, this is the best option for various companies that create and transport high quantities of hazardous materials. This feature is perhaps the most noteworthy selling point of the PROTECline IBC systems.

Noteworthy Specifications

This product doesn’t come in all of the major volume sizes. You will need to choose between sizes of either 600 or 1000 litres. The polythene material used in the construction of these IBCs is pretty standard. Each packaging system also comes with a steel bed. The maximum material density that you can use with these packaging systems is 1.6 Rho.

Special Features

This IBC system is really effective with materials that are sensitive to sunlight and UV radiation. Due to its design, it will naturally help your IBC content to stay protected from outside sun rays. This container also stands out for having different color containers. This is a great option for anybody that needs an IBC with special colorants and all necessary protections that exist for helping you transport your UV-sensitive products.

Industries Best Served

There are many possible industries that can benefit from an IBC system like this one. Some of the most common buyers of an IBC system that protects from UV-rays include those who make kevlar, plastics, and many different organic materials. This packaging system is considerably strong, making it great for transporting hazardous materials.


This is a space-saving IBC system that works great for those who want to make the most out of their remaining storage space. Due to its unique design that cuts corners where possible, this IBC system can help companies to store most of their hazardous and/or food products without taking up unnecessary chunks of your precious space.

Noteworthy Specifications

If you have been trying to find an IBC system that comes in many different sizes, this is probably not the right choice. This system only comes in sizes of 300 litres. The length of this product is 600 mm x 800 mm. The height stretches up 1000 mm. This IBC can handle materials with a density of up to 1.6 Rho easily. Each system is made with polythene and comes with a plastic skid pallet to help ease the burden of transportation.

Special Features

This is a UN-approved model that is great for companies that want to buy in bulk and stack their IBC systems on. There are no markings that will be necessary when using this IBC. This model has basic dimensions that correspond with a half Euro pallet. This is what makes this model so great for those who work in warehouses that need to make the most out of their existing storage space.

Industries Best Served

Anybody who needs a UN-approved IBC system should make this one of their top options. Industries that work with food products and/or hazardous substances are two of the most common purchasers of the COMPACTline IBC. Due to the compact size and easy stackability of these IBC systems, they are really great for companies that are working with limited amounts of space in their warehouse.

Werit IBC Ticket Service

IBC ticket service from Werit is a free system where you can return defective and or decaying IBC systems and have them refurbished up to factory standards. Due to the nature of IBC systems, this is a common thing to do both for the safety of your work environment and the customers you serve. Not to mention, it should be seen as a responsibility for those who handle products that are potentially dangerous to the environment.

Why is IBC Ticket Service Necessary?

Many people who use IBC systems handle materials that are potentially dangerous. Specifically, ones that are flammable, consumable, and/or harmful to the environment. As a manufacturer of products like these, it is your responsibility to ensure that the quality always matches up to the growing demands of authorities such as local governments, religious authorities, and the United Nations. For this reason, companies like Werit offer ticket service to help you keep your IBC systems up to par.

How Does IBC Ticket Service Work?

The best part about the IBC ticket service is that it is completely free of charge. Therefore, whenever you need your IBC reconditioned you can arrange to have it picked up, serviced, and then returned to you. From components like the interior tank to the valve, and any sort of special specifications that exist on your IBC, you can usually have all these things either repaired, upgraded, or replaced.

What are the Benefits of IBC Ticket Service

Perhaps the best part about IBC ticket service is that you receive new or repaired IBC systems that you can profit off of. You are also able to keep up with changing laws and local legislation this way. Many of the materials used in IBC systems also need to be safely disposed of. With the IBC ticket service, you can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that all materials are disposed of properly.

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