What Circular Sustainability is & The Role of IBC Tanks

What Circular Sustainability is? The Role of IBC Tanks

When people are looking into new products that they can use for storing materials in a factory warehouse, a focus on sustainability is a new trend that is often considered. Therefore, IBC Tanks and the Circular Economy is a topic many people are wondering about. This page will cover all that you need to know about circular sustainability and how IBC tanks can play a role.

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What Is Circular Sustainability?

Humans have focused more on production and profit throughout recent history than considering the impacts current actions could have on the future. Circular sustainability and the idea of a circular economy are direct responses to growth without considering sustainability along the way.

To make our economy start to function in a manner that doesn’t negatively impact the future, circular sustainability emphasizes reusing, maintaining, and adjusting with materials we use. Let’s go ahead and focus on each of these aspects in more detail.

Focus on Products that Can Be Reused

One of the main principles of circular sustainability focuses on products that have more than one use. Plastic products, for example, are notorious for only being used once and then disposed of improperly. Unless they are recycled and reused, these sorts of products have no place in circular sustainability.

Unless we focus more on products that can be reused, then the production and resources put into the product can go to waste. Biodegradable products can technically be reused since they will naturally re-enter the Earth’s set of materials after being disposed of.

Repairing and Maintaining Instead of Replacing

Previously, one of the global economy themes is to buy a new product when the previous one breaks. Although this is an easy fix and sustainable for those with a lot of capital, it doesn’t fit well with circular sustainability ideas.

Therefore, those who want to practice more sustainable actions towards the environment should look for ways to repair and maintain their assets instead of immediately buying a replacement once something shows signs of problems.

Using Materials That Are Safe for the Environment

If we are to be completely sustainable with our business practices, the materials we use in our products and production processes are important factors to consider. If it is possible to use an alternative material to avoid potentially harmful impacts, then do so! 

One of the biggest mistakes we have made in modern history as producers are not considering or doing enough research into the materials that we use in our products. For circular sustainability purposes, it is about time that we do so! Irresponsible actions at the hands of corporations are one problem that still needs to be dealt with fully.

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How IBC Tanks Fit into Circular Sustainability

More and more factories are beginning to see the various benefits of IBC tanks. From being easy to move and organizing your materials effectively, they are popular for many reasons. Now that we have broken down circular sustainability thoroughly let’s go ahead and switch up our focus towards how IBC tanks fit into circular sustainability

1. Made with Safe Materials

Made with carbon steel, stainless steel, and plastic, IBC tanks can last a long time. Most importantly, the materials used in the production of IBC tanks are completely safe. Therefore, the impacts of the production process on the environment are not something to worry about. IBC tanks are made with completely safe and easy materials to repair, maintain, and recycle.

Using safe materials means avoiding having harmful pollutants going into the atmosphere, leaking into the oceans or the soil. With the use of IBC tanks, you can be sure that you will not be contributing to these sorts of unsustainable practices. Much of how you can avoid negative actions like this is by simply buying products made with safe materials like IBC tanks.

2. Can Store Potentially Unsafe Materials Safely

Let’s face the facts: we live in a world where using potentially unsafe materials can produce a completely safe and sustainable product. However, the production process will be a crucial aspect of determining whether it impacts the environment.

For this reason, many producers turn to IBC tanks. There are various models designed with the idea of storing potentially unsafe materials in mind. This way, you can ensure that your production processes contribute towards circular sustainability. 

3. Easily Repaired and Maintained

As we described above, one of the circular sustainability themes focuses more on repairing and replacing your business assets instead of simply replacing them when they show signs of failure. Otherwise, you will easily end up wasting materials and even contributing to improper disposal and contamination.

One of the nice things about IBC tanks is that they can be easily repaired. The manufacturer, for example, will often handle worldwide recall of defective IBC tanks and then ship them back to you completely repaired and back in tip-top shape. This will help you avoid the need to otherwise waste capital and resources by buying new products.

4. Different Models for Different Needs

People who purchase IBC tanks will have a wide variety of needs. This is because there are also many different uses that you might have for your IBC tank. IBC tanks contribute towards circular sustainability by providing various models that work for different needs.

It would be a waste to have one or two types of IBC tanks and then expect customers to use them for the wide array of practical uses they have. The IBC tank production process can be done best catered to each potential type of use by having lots of different models.

5. 100% Recyclable

As we described above, one of the most defining principles of circular sustainability is using products that can be recycled. Most importantly, you must properly dispose of recyclable products so that they can be reused as intended. As a corporation that uses IBC tanks, you will find the process of recycling as simple as calling a number and scheduling a pickup date.

If you buy IBC tanks for your business, you can rest assured that they are 100% recyclable. Therefore, when the time comes for you to part ways with your treasured IBC tanks, you can recycle the materials so that they can be reused for other purposes in the future instead of simply generating unnecessary waste.

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