Greif’s presence on social networks

Greif’s Presence on Social Media Networks

As a modern international company, Greif has a presence on most major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Notably, the company does not have an official Instagram account.

On each network, Greif utilizes the platform’s features and intended purpose to enhance its brand while attracting potential customers and employees.

However, Greif’s communication style, following, and content vary substantially among platforms. The company’s LinkedIn, for instance, tends to feature professionally-written posts that primarily showcase its corporate achievements while its Facebook page features more personal content along with public comments and reviews.

The following sections will therefore analyze Greif’s presence on each of its primary social media networks, highlighting aspects such as the network’s features as well as Greif’s following, intended audience, content, and post frequency.

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Greif’s Facebook account, which uses the handle «@GreifInc», initially launched in 2013, and since then, the company 2,143 likes and 2,322 followers, meaning that 2,143 people are active fans of the page while 2,322 people follow its content.

The company’s Facebook features a home page that displays its current posts, likes, basic information, and recently posted photos, videos, reviews, and jobs. It also displays Greif’s profile picture, which consists of its logo and slogan – «Packaging Success Together». Likewise, its featured image displays the same slogan and logo along with a handful of its product items.

Along with the home page, Greif’s Facebook contains seven sub-pages that contain the following information:

  • Reviews: Facebook users can post reviews of the company that range from 1 to 5 stars along with optional commentary. Greif’s page has 42 reviews and an average review of 4.5 stars.
  • Photos: Users can see all photos posted by the company organized by album or listed in chronological order.
  • Videos: Like the photos page, the videos page features all videos posted by the company in chronological order.
  • Posts: This page isolates Greif’s posts and allows users to either search for a specific post or browse them in order of when they were posted.
  • About: This section lists Greif’s basic information, such as its location, points of contact, and other important aspects of the company.
  • Community: At this time, the community section only lists Greif’s top fans. Most community sections feature user-generated posts on the company’s page, but those do not currently exist on Greif’s Facebook.
  • Jobs: On this page, Greif has posted 21 recent employment opportunities that users can view and apply to.

Although Facebook isn’t Greif’s most popular social network, the company is quite active on its page. On average, the company makes weekly posts that feature its employees and accomplishments or highlight current events within the company. Nearly all posts contain a photo or video. Greif also frequently uses the platform to post job openings.

While Greif’s page is generally engaging, the company only rarely responds to reviews, positive or negative. The only review that it responded to was a complaint about a truck driver in a branded vehicle. However, upon further inspection, the majority of its reviews are from employees – not clients – or contain no commentary.

Greif’s posts feature a variety of subjects that include its philanthropic endeavors, corporate achievements, and employee features. Its posts use professional language and minimal slang, but its content is simple and easy to digest. Given its page’s content variety, job postings, and clear language, Greif appears to use Facebook as a medium to connect various members of its community, such as employees and clients, while engaging users who may be potential clients or employees.


Unlike Greif’s Facebook page, which is active and relatively popular, Greif’s Twitter presence is notably lackluster. Although the company created its account at the same time as its Facebook, Greif’s Twitter has a mere 166 followers, and its posts receive little attention.

Greif’s Twitter home page is nearly identical to its Facebook in many respects. Its profile picture and featured image are the same across both platforms, and both pages feature similar information about the company. In fact, many of Greif’s Tweets mirror its Facebook posts in both tone and content – though they are occasionally shortened to satisfy Twitter’s character limit.

Despite similarities between the two pages, Greif’s Twitter account is far less successful than its Facebook due to differences between the two platforms. Greif appears to have neglected two major marketing strategies on Twitter – retweets and popular hashtags – throughout its posts, and its corporate content may not appeal to the average Twitter user.

Consequently, Greif’s current Twitter usage has dropped substantially in the past few months. The company’s last post was in early December 2019, and the preceding post dates back to September.

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Greif’s LinkedIn account is, by far, its most popular social media network. On the platform, it has over 28,500 followers, and the company frequently adds content and jobs to its LinkedIn page. The company’s relative popularity on LinkedIn is likely due to the professional image it presents on all of its social media accounts. Greif’s LinkedIn also features the same profile picture and featured image as its other social media accounts.

Like its Facebook page, Greif’s LinkedIn profile features a home page that lists its posts and summarizes recent activity on its sub-pages. These sub-pages include:

  • About: This page lists Greif’s basic information, such as its location and company size, along with a general overview of the company.
  • Life: LinkedIn users who are interested in working for Greif can use this page to see a general overview of the company’s careers and corporate culture. It currently features two videos along with links to the company’s official website.
  • Jobs: This section lists Greif’s current job openings and allows users to browse and view them in detail. It also features a button to create a job alert for new openings at Greif.
  • People: Users can view current employees along with statistics about their locations and education on this page.
  • Ads: Typically, this page features ads that a company has posted on LinkedIn. Greif has not opted to post ads on LinkedIn, so this page is blank.

Greif’s LinkedIn page is generally quite active, and its posts frequently receive upwards of 100 likes. Its posts are somewhat similar to its Facebook page, but its posts are somewhat more formal and include content that may not interest Facebook users, such as quarterly and annual financial reports. The company does not frequently interact with other users on its posts’ comments, but on LinkedIn, most communication occurs through private channels.

Given Greif’s profile content and LinkedIn’s professional nature, the company’s LinkedIn account appears targeted at current employees, potential employees, business contacts, and competitors. Its posts therefore aim to celebrate the company’s achievements and entice skilled professionals to seek job openings.


Greif’s YouTube account is listed under -œGreif, Inc.,- and on this platform, the company has 39 posted videos and 260 subscribers. The company launched this account in 2017 along with much of its other social media, and its videos collectively have over 30,000 views.

On Greif’s YouTube channel, its home page features a video titled «You & Greif», which promotes the benefits of working at the company. Under the tab labeled «videos», users will find similar content that features the company’s values, employees, and products.

However, upon further inspection, Greif’s YouTube channel appears to be more of a hosting platform than a medium for social interaction. Its channel description under the «about» tab is nearly identical to its LinkedIn and Facebook overviews, and the company rarely interacts with the platform and its users beyond posting videos. Additionally, many of the videos that it posts to YouTube are featured on its Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter pages, indicating that the company mainly uses YouTube as a way to upload and publish videos across its social media accounts.

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