Analysis of Schutz’s communication style

A Deeper Look Into Schutz’s Communication Style

Communication is key for any business to succeed, and in today’s world, it is even more so. Without proper communication, a company can lose clients quickly which can prove to be disastrous. IBC Schutz understands the importance of good communication and has created various platforms for current and potential clients to talk directly with the company for fast and detailed answers. Some of the most important being social media, trade fairs, and numerous website networks. This article will take a closer look into Schutz’s communication style to show the importance of using different platforms for communication and how IBC Schutz utilizes them to converse with others.

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Why Schutz Finds Good Communication Crucial

Effective communication not only helps a brand to grow, but gain trust. Due to these reasons, Schutz finds good communication vital and has a strong communication style that spans from using social media to a vast website networking system to help reach businesses in countless industries. The company focuses on having good communication because it:

  • Builds strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • Helps the business to stay transparent and trusted.
  • Improves business performance.
  • Encourages feedback which can help the brand to learn and grow.

By creating strong communication channels and using them in ways that encourage companies to interact with the brand, it helps the brand to not only grow their customer base, but allow healthy amounts of feedback to be made which can improve the quality of its products and give ideas for new innovations.

Social Media

In this day and age businesses need to use numerous social media platforms to reach customers. Schutz has a handful of social media platforms that can be accessed by clients around the world.


Many companies today know the importance of using LinkedIn thanks to its professional networking opportunities. Through the LinkedIn platform, Schutz can communicate with business leaders, managers, and other personnel through the use of instant messaging. This site also allows the company to write blog posts that might be of interest to clients, such as new innovations from Schutz, first-hand stories as to how companies are growing with Schutz products, and press releases.

There are many Schutz LinkedIn accounts available from different countries to provide local information while also keeping others informed on global aspects of the company. In addition to this, LinkedIn serves as a place where Schutz employees can mingle together, watch company updates, and contact the brand if necessary. Because employees can be found on LinkedIn, businesses from different industries are able to access numerous Schutz managers, such as account managers and human resources managers, with the click of a button. This allows clients to ask questions to the appropriate worker and receive answers quickly.


Another important social media platform Schutz uses is Facebook. Customers can like its page to get instant updates on their feed or visit its account to research new information, view photos and videos, and find contact information. As with most social media platforms, clients can also contact Schutz through instant messaging with any questions they might have. Facebook serves as a platform for Schutz to highlight new products and build credibility in the market which can result in more sales. This social media platform also gives customers the opportunity to interact with the brand through the use of tools such as polls, comments, and likes.

This presence on social networks ultimately helps the company to have an open relationship with clients while promoting its products and services in a unique way. It also keeps Schutz up-to-date in a technologically-dependent world, something which is vital in order for it to succeed.

Trade Fairs/Events and Press Reviews

Schutz also has a strong presence at trade fairs/events and releases numerous press reviews throughout the year.

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are crucial to use as they help show potential customers products in person and allow Schutz personnel to immediately answer questions and demonstrate how certain items work if necessary. Schutz travels to numerous trade fairs throughout the year, with many being located throughout Europe and the United States. A few trade fairs Schutz has attended in the past include JEC World and Interpack.

Most of the trade fairs Schutz appears at focus on a specific aspect of the industry, such as packaging or composites, which allows Schutz to intricately describe how it creates and produces its products in those areas. This gives clients the opportunity to understand more behind the details of Schutz’s goods rather than just a brief overview of the company and its products.

Customers interested in meeting with a Schutz representative can sign up for a conference at their booth with a convenient online form that requires clients to put information such as their name, the time they plan to visit, and any additional comments they might have. This feature allows businesses to schedule an appointment with the company to address concerns and possible associations and investments with their industry.

Press Reviews

Schutz often publishes many press reviews that showcase company achievements around the globe. Each press review describes the event or product highlighted in the article and often includes photos or videos of them. The reviews can be found on one of the many Schutz websites and read as an online article or downloaded as a PDF in a different language.

In addition to learning more about interesting events and products, the press reviews also help customers to discover more about the company and some aspects and services about it that they might have otherwise not known about, such as the Ticket Service.

The press reviews are released monthly, sometimes even more, so that current information is always available. Previous reviews and articles can also be easily accessed through an archival system that allows visitors to download them as a PDF.

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Schutz’s Website Networks: What They Are and Their Importance

Schutz has a large number of website networks to help keep the company growing and be able to effectively communicate with clients throughout the world.

How Many Website Networks Does Schutz Have?

Schutz has countless website networks throughout the world. Due to this, businesses will find websites that cater to a specific region’s needs rather than one generic website that often does not contain adequate information for local businesses. This helps companies to quickly find the data and information they need while improving Schutz’s business relationships.

Why is it Important for Schutz to Have Numerous Website Networks?

To some, it might seem that having so many website networks would be impossible to keep track of and end up being a hassle. However, Schutz has found that having numerous website networks is crucial when it comes to growing its business. This is because it:

  • Helps Schutz reach businesses around the world in a way that best fits their needs.
  • Encourages growth in a region.
  • Shows businesses that Schutz is serious about having a working relationship with their company.
  • Builds credibility in the region.

Numerous website networks are also necessary for Schutz to maintain a strong international presence so it can follow local market trends, meet customer demands, and produce items that will work best for specific communities and industries. Because of these aspects, Schutz understands the impact that a good website network can have on both sales and the international community.

How Schutz Caters to Local Areas with its Website Networking Tool

Each Schutz website is different from the other because each location is unique from the next. It is important for the company to cater to the needs of specific countries as a way to show respect while also expanding businesses in those areas.

The Websites are Written in Native Languages

All websites are written in languages that are native to a specific country. Schutz translates the web pages into numerous languages which include Spanish, French, German, English, and Chinese. By doing so, it allows supply managers and business owners who speak these languages to fully understand Schutz’s brand and products and allows Schutz to correctly emphasize and communicate phrases and terms that might otherwise be lost in translation.

The Websites are Designed According to Local Needs

Schutz’s websites are designed to fit the needs of local businesses as each region varies in its business communication style. While the websites are similar in the information and products provided, Schutz designs each page to have distinctive color schemes, logos, and art that work well for a certain area.

In addition to this, the local web pages have correct contact information for a nearby Schutz facility. This way, businesses can contact the brand quickly without having to search through a massive contact sheet which can be time-consuming.

The Websites Showcase Job Opportunities

The websites also allow Schutz to showcase job opportunities throughout an area which not only helps to grow sales but can have a positive impact on the community. Those interested in working with or for Schutz will find brochures, job information, and how they will make a useful impact in the world by working with the brand. This can also help local companies to find employees who have the skills necessary for certain industries.

Schutz works tirelessly to ensure that its communication with clients is perfect by creating multiple ways for customers to communicate with the company and vice versa. Due to this, clients will find that Schutz has a very open communication style that helps to not only provide transparency but keep everyone notified of products and innovations that could help them grow their business.

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