Schutz’s IBC products

Comprehensive List of Schutz’s IBC Products

When it comes to IBC packaging systems, there are few companies that are able to provide the level of quality customers find in Schutz IBCs. As part of the analysis of Schutz’s products and services a complete picture of the many different IBC products offered by Schutz is necessary. Below, an example of what high-quality IBC packaging systems look like can be found.

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ECOBULK IBC systems are the standard model of IBCs that are offered by Schutz. They are each high-quality containers used for handling the transportation of industrial chemicals and materials. Let’s go ahead and take a look at each of Schutz’s ECOBULK IBC products.


The ECOBULK LX comes with 1,000 liters of total volume, and a standard design featuring a wooden pallet and integrated valve. This is an ideal choice for those seeking to package goods that have a density of up to 1.6.

ECOBULK LX Composite

Stepping up from the standard and basic design of the ECOBULK LX, the LX Composite features an array of improvements. These include features such as an easier means of handling, weatherproof protection, better sealing, easier use on conveyor belts, and environmentally friendly materials.


Those who need an FDA approval for their IBC packaging systems, an array of different sizes, and a strong bottom plate of steel for optimum stability like the ECOBULK MX model. With capacities ranging between 640 liters to 1,250 liters, this is great for those who want a standard design with separate sizes. 

ECOBULK MX-EX Antistatic

If customers need their IBC packaging system to be used in an ex-zone (or explosion hazard zone), then they probably will need an antistatic design such as this one. This model features an earthed outlet valve, and the ability to handle products with a maximum density of 1.6.

ECOBULK MX-EX Conductive

The ECOBULK MX-EX Conductive is another great choice for those who need IBCs for use in explosion hazard zones. Capable of being used in ex-zones types 1 and 2, this is an industrial grade IBC for potentially dangerous areas.


This model features an EVOH gas and permeation barrier as the inner of the inside container. A feature like this will help minimize any sort of contamination of the contents. This is a great IBC for those who have sensitive products that cannot risk having any sort of flavor or odor leakage.


The ECOBULK MX-EX-EV combines the features of many of the above IBC systems. This model has a gas and permeation barrier on the inner layer, and design safe for use in explosion hazard zones 1 and 2. If customers need an explosion-safe model with an EVOH barrier, one like this is a great idea.


This model is much like the MX-EX-EV Antistatic IBC. Just like it, it has an EVOH barrier that is used as the inner layer of protection in the container. The main difference is that it has a conductive outer layer that can be used in explosion hazard zones.


This is an IBC that is great for those who need to transport food products. It has a steel bottom plate to minimize the risk of leaks and is great for high bay warehousing. It is a great option for those who need to meet FDA requirements while using an IBC packaging system.


The MX Foodcert is an IBC that is best used for liquid foods, concentrates, and other similar food products. It matches HACCP safety standards along with FSSC standards. These certifications make it another great option for those who need a quality IBC packaging system in the food sector.


If a customer needs an IBC that is designed for the food sector that also comes with an EVOH permeation barrier, then this a great IBC model to look at. Schutz made this product comply with all food standards. This includes FSSC and HACCP certifications. Best of all, it does an excellent job keeping flavors and odors inside.


The MX CLEANCERT features the highest level of cleanliness and safety for the product offered by the Schutz brand. They did a great job making sure that the design best suits jobs in which cleanliness is of the utmost importance. It also matches HACCP standards.


As mentioned, the CLEANCERT models of ECOBULK are best for jobs that need the highest level of protection and cleanliness. This model also features an EVOH gas and permeation barrier in the inside container and comes in standard sizes for 1,000 liters.


The ECOBULK MX-HV is a great IBC packaging system for those who need to transport goods of a slightly higher density than average. With support for densities up to 1.9, this is a wonderful IBC product for goods of high viscosity.


This is another great IBC for those transporting goods with a high viscosity. This model, in particular, was designed for products like adhesives, resins, and other abnormally dense goods. It also features the ability to empty out right around 100% of the contents at will.


Working in the food industry with highly thick products can be a little strenuous. Those who need an IBC that transports food products in a safe manner for dense food products need an IBC like this one specifically designed for the job. It also meets the safety requirements necessary for certifications from both the HACCP and FSSC.


The HX CLEANCERT has many economic, quality, and environmental advantages when compared to recycling systems like those made with stainless steel. This model, in particular, is great for those who need to transport highly dense products up to 1,000 liters.


The ECOBULK SX-EX comes with a steel shell that helps make it safe for use in type 1 and type 2 explosion hazard zones. It is a conductive IBC packaging system that makes it so that electrostatic charging won’t occur. It has an abnormally high resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.


Those who need an IBC packaging system for production plants will probably need a model like this one. The MX Feeder helps reduce idle times for time-intensive container changes. It also has a high storage capacity of 1,250 liters and a steel pallet.

ECOBULK with Schutz Impeller

The ECOBULK with Schutz Impeller IBC is best for those who need a safe and efficient stirring process. It comes equipped with a one-way stirrer and no risk of contamination as a result of the stirrers. The model comes in sizes of either 1,000 liters or 1,250 liters. 

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All of Schutz’s IBC systems can be adjusted to be RECOBULK. If a company already has an ECOBULK model that they would like to have upgraded, the Schutz brand allows them the option of increasing the overall value of their IBC systems by giving it a RECOBULK upgrade.


RECOBULK is not necessarily an entirely new set of IBC products per-say. Instead, it is the option that those with Schutz products have to recondition and upgrade their existing ECOBULK IBCs to uphold higher levels of quality and overall worth.

New Features

Using a globally-standardized eco-friendly process, Schutz can take their customers’ existing IBC and give it a massive makeover. Here is a glance at the benefits that they can receive when they upgrade their ECOBULK IBC in a RECOBULK IBC:

  • New screw cap.
  • New label plates.
  • New re-sealed outlet valves.
  • Cleaning & repairs.
  • Replacing corner guards.
  • Steel grid cleaning.
  • Brand new inner bottle.

With a RECOBULK reconditioning, customers can instantly turn their ECOBULK IBCs into ones that are stronger, better, and good as new. This is often a good option to consider if companies have been using the same IBC packaging system for a long period of time.

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