Schutz’s presence on social networks

Being Social: Analyzing Schutz’s Communications Styles and Methods

The way a business communicates with its customers says a lot about how they conduct their business. Schutz’s communication style is one of the strongest components of their brand, whether it’s through their social media, going to press fairs or the copy on their website.

Whatever they are communicating, Schutz wants customers to know how important the quality of their products are and the environmental impact they are trying to make around them. These are two of the most important factors to them and this can be seen it in their online and in-person presence.

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Schutz’s Social Media Game


Schutz’s main form of social media is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, they mostly post their newsflashes that come out every couple of months and they also sometimes share new products they have developed. Social media is a great place to see how certain tools and equipment are perceived by their followers and customers and Schutz utilizes this greatly.

Schutz also has a promotion video on their LinkedIn about what inspires them as a company. Not only does this point out to followers and customers what they truly care about but it also makes social media following start believing in Schutz as more than a company. When they mention things like sustainability and innovation are important to them, it will align with their customers who believe that these topics are important to them as well. One can tell by the comments they got in the video that it was a well-received video for social.

On Schutz About Page, they talk about the history of the company and the passion that drives their products. Developing and implementing the best products possible is important to Schutz and customers will like to know that customer satisfaction is very important to them. They also mention that they understand that their company and the production they do, have an impact on their customers and the environment around them and they are willing to meet the challenges that arise from not only making the best products they can but also using as minimal resources as is feasible.

More is on the page like their company size, how many of their employees follow them on LinkedIn, and that they are headquartered in Selters (Westerwald), Rheinland-Pfalz. As of the time of this writing, they don’t have any jobs available through LinkedIn. Schutz is a global brand so they might have to use other resources besides the LinkedIn job board to find new passionate employees.


When people search for Schutz on Twitter, they can find a lot of content that looks especially good for their social presence. There are pictures of people going to press fairs just for them, articles written by major news sites talking about their achievements in space, and even other businesses talking about how they aspire to be as great of a company as them someday.

Twitter is a great place to have a buzz like this around a company because of the constant presence it creates in front of customers. When customers see a company on social media more, they are more likely to choose their products over other businesses that they never see online.

Schutz’s Website

There is a lot of beneficial and helpful information on Schutz’s website. Right when it loads, one can see the different sectors of business they are in and how customers can find what they need right away. Whether they need packaging systems, industrial services, or energy systems, customers are a click away from finding the product they need which is good for Schutz and easy for the customer.

Every part of their website is used to give the information that potential customers might need to make a decision to work with them. There is a high level of professional communication on their website and the content that they post. The space on the site is split between talking about their different companies and products, different news and press segments that write about them which is constantly, and also upcoming press and trade fair dates that are coming up for customers that are looking for a way to meet representatives of Schutz in person.

Schutz also uses their website as one of the biggest places to drive in its core values. Sustainability is one of the most used words on their site to prove to customers how much they care about the environment. Schutz wants everyone to know how they focus on responsible care and eco-efficient processes and operations when it comes to creating their products. They have very ambitious environmental goals and are willing to sacrifice a little bit economically to sustain them.

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Schutz’s Press Reviews and Events

One of Schutz’s primary forms of business and social communication is through the press and events they take a part of. It seems like a couple of times a month they are using one of these mediums to educate the public on their company and products. Whether it’s traveling to an event in Australia or having another company try out their new product for safety, these types of social communication are probably their strongest out of everything in this analysis.

On their website, Schutz has a dedicated spot just for all their past press releases. This is a great spot for the company to show off their social presence without actually having to do anything online themselves. A company praising themselves is one thing but when another company praises the company, customers love this and want to know more. It’s very impressive that Schutz is able to have this much press about them and customers can go back to 2016 just to see different things that have been written about.

Another tab of their website is dedicated to their events they will be attending in the future. Schutz presents itself at a variety of national and international trade fairs and they let customers know where they are going because they are looking forward to anyone visiting them and discussing any business matters with each other.

If customers want to meet them, they are able to fill out a form right on the site that allows people to arrange an appointment with the representatives at the events. This is one of the main forms of social presence that gets posted for Schutz that they don’t post. Lots of the content found on Twitter about Schutz was meeting them at some of these events. This type of social presence is invaluable as it allows the company to be in front of even more customers than just the people that show up to the event.

Schutz’s Overall Communication and Social Presence

When people talk about Schutz, they mention how innovative they are and how the company is looking out for the environment. The social presence Schutz has online enhances the messaging for customers to buy-in. Whether it’s communicating with their followers on LinkedIn, driving customers to their website for the huge amounts of information for them to take in, or the events and press releases about the company, Schutz understands what their customers want and they deliver.

It almost seems like confidence in their messaging that they know how powerful their company can be and is to the areas around them and the passion that comes through their employees and social presence really allows customers and followers to want to join as well.

Schutz’s goals and core values align with the social presence that they portray online. Schutz has been going strong for over sixty years now and one of the main reasons this is possible is their ability to communicate to their customers and employees the goals they want to achieve and the values that they believe in which is a big factor to their success.

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