Schutz’s press reviews and presence in trade fairs and events

Schutz’s Recent Press Reviews & Event Presence

Schutz is known all over the world for having great packaging systems, industrial services, composites, and energy systems. With factories and offices located in almost all corners of the globe, Schutz is widely trusted by its clients for providing efficient services no matter their location. 

As part of our analysis of Schutz’s communication style, it is relevant to explore some of the Schutz brand’s public presence and recent press reviews. Accordingly, this page will break down some of the latest public news that is available for this widely-acclaimed global brand.

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Recent Press Reviews and Public Feedback

Want to learn more about what recent press reviews and third-party public feedback have said about Schutz? This is actually pretty common. This is a massive global corporation that is constantly being watched by the public. Below is compiled some of the latest and most relevant press reviews and pieces of public feedback. If you are interested in learning more about what current events are happening with Schutz, what moves they are making in the industry, and so on, the following section will be helpful.

New Factory in Australia

A new Schutz factory was recently opened in November 2019 in Australia. Over 100 guests attended the opening ceremony, as well as media and other interested parties. The new 19,000 square-meter complex was immediately acclaimed by those in attendance. There is a general consensus that the new complex will help improve the efficiency and quality of services offered by Schutz in Australia.

Wine Storage Systems Winning Awards

The Schutz wine storage systems have recently become a lot more acclaimed by various third-party tests and companies around the world. Applications tests have recently given the Schutz Wine-Store-Age IBC packaging systems the coveted “recommended” rating. In addition, various other tests have confirmed the high-quality nature of the Schutz Wine-Store-Age IBCs. 

ECOBULK Foodcert Aseptic Released

The new Ecobulk Foodcert Aseptic was recently released by Schutz and has so far received wonderful feedback from the first set of clients. Due to its innovative packaging systems with UN approval, it is expected to transform many sectors of the food industry. Since it has a very minimal risk of microbial contamination, food service providers have started to see this as a more viable option than packaging systems that they were previously using.

Schutz Impeller Experiences Excellent Field Test Results

The Schutz Impeller is a stirring mechanism used in various IBC packaging systems. When presented at the Interpack 2017 trade fair, the Bayer SeedGrowth team was thoroughly impressed by the product’s overall quality and efficiency. When used as an integrated portion of an IBC system, it can make handling process that much easier. It is capable of stirring contents without disturbing the seal of the IBC. 

New Tacker Panel System Announced

The Schutz underfloor heating systems have long been acclaimed for their efficiency and overall effectiveness. Recently, Schutz has announced a new tacker panel system that can be installed in a much more cost-effective manner. Therefore, it is now much more affordable than ever to have a Shutz underfloor heating system. So far, press reviews have acclaimed this new tacker panel system both for its efficiency and sound insulation capabilities. 

CORMASTER® Quality Management System Passes Audit

The Schutz CORMASTER® honeycombs and sandwich panels have been popular for quite some time now. Recently the Schutz CORMASTER® composites were audited before receiving an AS9100:2016 Certification. This audit successfully demonstrated the continuation and further development of their quality management systems and the expansion of locations to allow Schutz to produce aviation parts at their Siershahn factory. 

Schutz’s New Practical Training Workshop

Schutz is a firm believer in investments for the future. For this reason, they have chosen to empower young individuals with the tools for future success in the form of workshops. The new Schutz Practical Workshop helps young individuals to learn some of the basics of their industry. The idea is so that these individuals will eventually turn into effective workers in the industrial sector. The workshop has already been acclaimed by educators around the globe. 

Improved Ticket Service

Schutz Ticket Service is a great option for those who need to have their IBC systems collected, re-serviced, and so on. However, one aspect of this service that had been complained about in the past is the system for communicating with Schutz representatives efficiently. Recently, a new support ticket portal was unleashed that has received excellent feedback. This is due to its ability to simplify the support system and help customers understand when they will receive help.

Active Health Promotion at Schutz Locations

Schutz has recently taken steps to improve the general health of their employees. In addition to offering basic healthcare needs such as insurance, they now have implemented a strategy to actively help their employees stay fit. With gyms being placed near Schutz offices and active sports programs that employees are encouraged to participate in, it seems that Schutz is doing a great job in helping their employees thrive both inside and outside of the office.

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Public Events

Schutz does an overall great job engaging with the public. Understandably so. If it weren’t for their transparency and willingness to discuss their products with the public, they wouldn’t be around for much longer. However, they continue to be a top-quality corporation in just about all measurable aspects. Below, some of the upcoming public events and fairs where Schutz representatives can be found.


In 2019, Schutz made an appearance in the USA for the PACK EXPO 2019 from the 23rd to 25th of September. This event takes place every two years in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since it is widely known as the most important trade fair for packaging technology, the Schutz booth was under quite a bit of pressure beforehand. However, they were able to successfully demonstrate the steel and PE drums, as well as the ECOBULK SX-D IBC system for the guests in attendance.

FachPack 2019

Schutz recently made a presence at the FachPack 2019 festival that took place from September 24 – 26. Their slogan for the event was “The Power of Blue” which not only stood for the main color used in their logo and corporate designs but also to symbolize sustainable practices for the environment. Schutz’s product quality and sustainability practices have already been acclaimed for many reasons.

JEC World

This is an upcoming composites show for international manufacturers such as Schutz. They are scheduled to be there for this year’s event. It takes place from March 3rd to March 5th in Paris, France. If anybody has been seeking an opportunity to hear more about this brand, and want to talk to an official representative, this is a great time to do so. Expect Schutz to be showcasing new developments in their industrial composites. 

Interpack 2020

At Interpack 2019, the Schutz Impeller received quite a bit of positive attention. Specifically, it was widely acclaimed from the representatives of Bayer SeedGrowth for being an efficient and very high-quality IBC stirring system. This year, the Interpack 2020 will be held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. The event takes place from May 7th-May 13th. Shutz is expected to showcase some new developments and technology for its IBC packaging systems.

Want to Arrange a Meeting with Schutz?

One nice aspect of the Schutz brand is its willingness to engage with their clients. If anybody from the public would to approach a Schutz representative and ask a question at one of the upcoming events, they can easily do so. Simply visit their website and arrange a meeting at the booth. All that they ask is that you provide information on who you are, what fair you would like to see them at, the date, time, and so on. Once they receive this information, it is safe to expect the capability of talking with a Schutz representative in-person.

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