Analysis of Schutz’s Brand

Analysis of Schutz’s Brand: A Breakdown of a Top Company in Plastics and Metal Processing

In 1958, Udo Schutz founded a company to create heating oil storage tanks made out of metal. As of today, the company operates in three different divisions: Protective Industrial Packaging, Contactor Energy Systems, and Protective Industry Services. Since the beginning of the company, Schutz has focused on embracing sustainable business principles in every aspect of their business. Part of their corporate philosophy is to be a dependable and responsible partner for their customers, employees, and society around them. Schutz also adheres to a code of conduct and rely heavily on making sure that each and every employee and supplier follow it and are responsible for their actions.

This is an overview of IBC Schutz-All about Schutz, Inc. In this full analysis, you will find the certifications and quality labels that come with the company, IBC Schutz‘s brand and founders’ history, their results and reputation in the business world along with their brand values and an analysis of the slogan.

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Schutz’s Certification and Quality Labels

Schutz has received many quality labels and certifications for their tools and machines that they have created over the course of their company. One in particular that stands out is an odor barrier that they patented themselves that protects against the smell of oil. This barrier received a quality label from the Fraunhofer Institute for its high level of effectiveness. The institute measured the effectiveness of the SMP method that Schutz created by using a framework of an extensive series of tests that are still ongoing to this day.

Many of these certifications can be attributed to their use of their core values system, also known as the SHEQ system. One of their main core values focuses on safety and health for their employees and customers. Schutz employees deal with different chemicals and substances while also using and storing heat in different capacities every day. If you don’t have a system in place to ensure safety, anything can happen. Every employee’s first responsibility is to eliminate any hazards and improve safety around them.

One of the other core values revolves around the efficiency of their processes within the business. There can always be a more efficient operation within the company. Setting strategic goals and targets while making sure the resources are available allows Schutz to be able to not only attain these certifications but strive above what their customers are looking for.

History of the Schutz Brand

Schutz’s brand history began as an oil storage tank company all the way back in 1958. In the 1980s, they became a supplier to the automotive industry and a sporting goods manufacturer. The company actually had surfboards that were pretty popular for the time. In the mid-1990s however, these two sectors were sold so the company could focus on their new sectors they were moving into.

The first division of Schutz is their protective industrial packaging, which is their most prominent category. This is your intermediate bulk containers, plastic and steel drums, full-service packaging and their ticket service.

The second division is known as their contactor energy systems, which allow for the highest quality of heating in private and public buildings. They offer things like heating oil tank and surface heating systems with the best innovative technology to ensure practical solutions for their customers.

The last division is the services they offer for the protective industry. Schutz offers services like research and development, machine and tool construction, plant construction and more to anyone looking for big-time projects.

Schutz’s Founder’s Story

The man behind Schutz is Udo Schutz. His story began in 1937 in a town called Selters, Germany. Before he founded his company, he spent most of his young adult life behind a wheel of a racecar. Schutz won over 50 races racing for Porsche and turned himself into an international name in racing at a young age.

Because Schutz was so dominant in the racing scene, he carried that over to the business world as well. He focused on innovation and technology, understanding that every product can be improved and each one of their products has to be liked by their customers while also being good for the environment.

Schutz was also big on protecting all their employees from not only safety and health risks but also discrimination and other forms of labor problems that can be so rampant in some parts of the world.

Udo Schutz has shown that he has a passion for his work and employees. He wants to make sure that all his customers are more than satisfied and that the products he’s delivering to them are the best quality. Because of his racing background, he wants to make sure to pursue that first-place prize in every aspect of the company.

Results of Schutz and Their Notoriety

Schutz’s commercial results are known as some of the best these divisions of the business world have seen. They are known as one of the top leaders in the world in the industrial packaging and energy systems business sectors.

They have a grand portfolio in their industrial packaging division. Most of their work comes from things like intermediate bulk containers and steel drums but they do offer even more ways to pack and store certain things that any business may need. Schutz’s ticket service is looked at as one of the most innovative things in the category. Their ticket service allows customers who have empty or used containers to have Schutz come and collect and/or recondition the containers so the customers don’t have to worry about them.

Schutz’s heating oil and surface heating systems are some of the most energy-saving, safe, and easiest to use systems available worldwide. They focus on innovative technology and services for housebuilders, architects, and planners that offer a wide range of proven and highly economical solutions.

Some other cutting edge systems they have can include their underfloor heating system and recovery ventilation. The heating system allows you to run a pleasant indoor climate that is highly economic. The recovery ventilation is a unique system that allows them to heat, cool, and ventilate buildings by replacing polluted and used air.

Schutz says the backbone of their company is their ability to build tools, machines, and equipment. Their customers benefit from the comprehensive and technological knowledge that can only be seen through the passion that comes through from their mission statement.

Schutz is focused on staying independent from suppliers by ensuring they have a big advantage with their manufacturing depth and knowledge. With this knowledge, they are able to guarantee uniform quality standards across the whole company and world and gives customers the ability to know they are getting the same high-end quality anywhere they see Schutz.

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The Values and Identity of Schutz

When it comes to the identity of Schutz and its brand value, they want to be known as the most innovative company to their customers. Schutz understands that the company that stays knowledgeable about current and upcoming technology gets ahead of the game with the tools, machines, and equipment they can build.

Schutz is known to offer high-quality products and services every day to their customers and they make sure their employees are able to live up to these expectations. One of their core values is to make sure that the quality of their product stays intact even on things like transport and packaging just to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

A big part of their identity is also their ability to make sure that they have a positive impact on the environment and area around them. Every product they create is optimized to prevent using so many resources and they are always trying to improve their energy-related performance. Schutz believes that when you train your employees to be sustainable, you will ensure that the company is sustainable in the long run. This allows outsiders to see Schutz and understand how important it is to the company to help out the environment and set a good example.

Evaluating Schutz’s Logo and Slogan

Schutz’s logo and slogan seem very simple but they have a big meaning behind them. When the company says “Success built on substance and sustainability”, they want you to know that they are focused on being efficient and maximizing their opportunities for success while also understanding that they have to sustain a better future for everyone around them.

Schutz’s core values emphasize the ability to be safe, satisfy their customers, along with focusing on sustainability and efficiency. Schutz makes sure that the products they deliver to their customers are safe and the health of their employees is at the lowest chance of risk possible.

They strive to be passionate about being one of the most innovative companies with their technology. They always want to make sure that research helps them not only optimize the performance of their products but ensure that the environment isn’t at risk because of the products they are creating.

Schutz in Summary

Schutz is one of the top leaders in the industrial packaging and energy systems business sectors. With over 3500 employees and facilities all over the world, the company makes sure that every employee is treated with kindness and they are hopeful they stay loyal for a long time.

With the environment in mind and the responsibilities in the communities that Schutz has implemented, they not only provide products and services for customers all over the world, but they help the environment in an eco-friendly way and make every area their facility is in a better place as well.

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