Analysis of Schutz’s logo and slogan

An Analysis of Schutz’s Logo and Slogan

Schutz’s slogan is “Success built on substance and sustainability.” Their passion for developing and implementing technical solutions is what drives them to success within the company. Schutz focuses on being innovative and responsible and tries to make sure their employees keep that mindset when they clock-in for work every day.

Does Schutz’s slogan fit their company? Does their logo portray these values? This article will look at the implementation of their slogan and design of their logo and discuss the effectiveness of both. To help decide this, we must look at the reasoning behind the slogan where we can establish the history of the company and their mission.

So we must ask “What kind of company is Schutz?” When we look into the analysis of Schutz’s branding, does it deliver the promise that they are implying with their slogan? Are they really built on substance and sustainability?

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Schutz Message: Long Term Economic Success with Environmental and Social Responsibility in Mind

To understand and analyze their slogan, we must first decide if the slogan matches what the company is trying to do each and every day. To do this we look into the policies set in place by the company to be followed by their employees. Schutz has its own values policy known as the SHEQ system. Their employees are responsible for ensuring that these are complied with at all times.

SHEQ System

  • Safety and Health: When dealing with chemicals, storing different substances, and applying different applications of heat systems, preventing injury to and illness in our employees is Schutz’s top priority. The first responsibility for any employee is to eliminate hazards, avoid occupational safety and health risks, improve the safety of the areas surrounding them. This applies not only to their process and work environment but also to the wider environment, which could have a big impact if not taken seriously.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Schutz has a reputation for offering high-quality products and services to its customers every day. Employees need to be able to fulfill these expectations of their customers. Things like making sure the quality stays intact of their storage systems during transport and the packaging doesn’t look tampered with goes a long way with their customers’ satisfaction. Schutz wants to be the first choice in their customers’ heads and ensuring this quality goes a long way to doing that.
  • Sustainability: This was one of their main points in the slogan. Schutz always has an eye on optimizing the sustainability of their processes and products to make sure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. They try to prevent using up many resources and always try to improve their energy-related performance. Schutz believes that sustainability really comes with a skilled, proficient, and well-qualified workforce that also wants to ensure and improve the environment around them. They have aligned with many different charities and organizations to help out the communities around them in areas all around the world.
  • Efficiency: The processes that Schutz plans and implements help them perform an efficient operation that is fully compliant with the safety requirements that they have to follow. They set strategic and operational targets, control their processes and allocate the necessary resources to make sure they can hit those targets. Schutz believes by doing these steps, they can continuously improve the company’s efficiency and keep growing its positive development over time.

Schutz Focus on Social Responsibility

Out of the main values Schutz has focused on, one of the most important it seems is the sustainability factor. They understand that the company and its employees are part of a bigger picture in this world and everyone has to do their part. They concentrate heavily on making sure they maintain social responsibility in the areas they are located in.

Schutz operates in many different regions around the world and in most cases, they are one of the key employers in the areas they are in. As a major company, they are fully committed to assume the social responsibility and effect they have on the area around them.

They are a member of the German Association of Materials Management which means they operate with a code of conduct that defines strict rules against any form of discrimination, corruption, child labor or slavery. They focus on being committed to human environmental and health rights for the surrounding areas around them.

Schutz also supports a Christian US aid organization, Water Mission, which operates to bring clean and safe water to people who need it all over the world. Every international site they have contributes to WMI and Schutz makes sure to provide extra help if there is a catastrophe in any area surrounding their facilities. Schutz has also manufactured mobile water processing plants that eliminate microorganisms and germs to help provide drinking water to 3,000 to 5,000 people.

Every great product is also defined by the contribution that it makes to the environment. Schutz is always trying to create ways to further reduce the resources and energy needed to produce the products they create every day. By monitoring their systems and processes and evaluating the impact it gives off to the environment, they can focus on the energy consumption, emissions and waste that is being used and optimize it to hopefully have a better result in the future.

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Schutz’s Logo: Simple yet Meaningful

Schutz’s logo doesn’t have much to it. The logo consists of the company’s name and the -œU- is stylized to look like a magnet. This magnet symbolizes all the different tools, machinery, and systems that they create. Just like the business sectors they are in, the logo isn’t very jumpy or exciting but it’s more about creating a certain look of reliability. Customers don’t want machinery and tools to be jumpy. They want them to be smooth, reliable and get the job done. That’s exactly what the Schutz logo accomplishes.

Success Built on Substance and Sustainability: Yes or No?

When people look at Schutz as a whole company and then look at their slogan, does it seem like the slogan matches the business? Schutz’s core values emphasize the ability to be safe, satisfy their customers, along with focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

The ability to focus on the safety of their products and the health of their customers I believe fits with their substance section of the slogan. Schutz has been using some of the highest-quality materials in the category when creating their products. They have to when they are dealing with things like storing chemicals or sensitive goods.

More importantly, though, Schutz seems heavily focused on the sustainability of their company and the environment around them. Their aim is to continue to embrace sustainable principles to be a responsible partner for their customers, employees, and overall society. This is one of the core goals they hammer at every corporate gathering.

Schutz started with a mindset similar to this when the company was created in 1958. More than sixty years later, the company seems to have a greater focus on these core values than ever before.

When it comes to “success built on substance and sustainability”, Schutz has done a great job in making sure that not only is this a slogan for their company, but it is a part of their everyday company process and mindset.

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