Analysis of Schutz’s products and services

Schutz’s Products and Services: An Analysis

Schutz produces numerous goods and provides various services for clients. Due to the vast amount offered, it can often be difficult to fully understand the scope of the products and services available, such as numerous IBC designs and a Ticket Service business managers can use. This analysis will tell more about IBC Schutz and why the brand is a leader in the market for IBCs and products related to them. Below consumers will discover more information about the company, some of the products and services available for customers to use, and the many benefits that come with investing in them.

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The Vast Amount of Products and Supplies

Customers will discover a large number of products available to choose from, as well as an impressive scope of supply.


Schutz is best known for producing numerous types of IBCs. All of the IBCs created are made with sustainable materials that are designed to last for many years and withstand heavy usage. The IBCs can be sorted through online by selecting different filters, such as the type of industry the IBC will be used in, if special protection for it is needed, and the volume required.


Drums are also ideal to use when it comes to transporting liquids and solids thanks to their cylindrical design. The company creates many different types of drums that range in their size and overall style. Customers will also be able to choose from either steel or plastic drums and from special protections built into them, such as layers to protect food or to prevent stress cracks.

Each drum comes with a brochure that describes it in great detail and a quick product list that tells of basic information, such as its weight and certifications. Some types customers will find are tight-head drums, open-head drums, corrugated open-head drums, and corrugated tight-head drums.

Spare Parts

Schutz also produces plenty of spare parts that can be used with both its IBCs and drums. Some available for purchase include outlet valves, screw caps, and outlet adapters. All of these parts are compatible with Schutz products and are made with the same detailed care that the IBCs and drums are created with.

IBC Products Produced by Schutz

When searching for IBC products by Schutz, many are often surprised to find such a large number of options available.

Two Main IBC Categories

While there are vast amounts of IBCs for sale, all fall into one of two categories. The first is the ECOBULK which are IBCs designed to be used for all purposes. The other category is RECOBULK which represents reconditioned IBCs that feature their original parts.


There are over 20 ECOBULK containers available that are built to help with various needs. For instance, one model is the ECOBULK MX CLENCERT which helps to keep technical areas clean and free from silicone contamination. On the other hand, there is the ECOBULK MX-EV FOODCERT which is meant to be used to hold food products and keep them safe from oxygen and other forms of contamination. It also prevents items from losing their flavor and has a helpful traceability feature if it is necessary to find the original batch.


The RECOBULK options provided by Schutz are an economical solution but still contain many of the original parts and are very durable. To help ensure the RECOBULK IBCs are of the highest-quality, Schutz makes sure to test each one carefully before it is put back on the market. Customers can also request for certain features to be added to these IBCs. RECOBULK containers have a UN certification of five years and are ideal for high-bay storage and conveyor systems.

IBC Innovations

The brand often comes up with numerous innovations throughout the year. These not only improve the quality of their IBCs, but can encourage better economic growth for businesses. Some of the most recent innovations include wine storage IBCs, automotive application containers, and an automatic lock that prevents leaks and contamination. Schutz has also come up with a multi-layer seal foil which protects the contents inside an IBC but without releasing metallic pieces into it.

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Benefits of Using Schutz IBCs

Schutz IBCs come with plenty of benefits.

They are Environmentally-Friendly

All products by Schutz are made with eco-friendly materials. This includes buying from ethical suppliers and producing these items with the help of solar and wind power. In addition to this, they can be recycled which can significantly reduce waste, such as with Schutz’s reconditioning service which is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

They Can Be Customized

Schutz IBCs can also be customized down to the smallest detail. This includes choosing the type of pallet, valves, and openings they are made with.

They Come with Detailed Information

Business owners who are unsure as to whether a certain IBC product will fit their needs will find plenty of helpful information on Schutz’s website. Here, consumers will find detailed product specifications as well as a small brochure that highlights all the features and dimensions of the IBC. Besides technical specifications, there are also plenty of photos that display each angle of the container.

Product Quality and Sustainability

Schutz prides itself on producing items that are only of the highest quality and are sustainable. Due to this, customers will find that the products sold are made of environmentally-friendly and durable materials. Clients will discover that this attention to detail helps the company to produce some of the toughest products on the market today.

Unique Designs

Schutz carefully creates its products to be original so each item is unique from the other. After creating blueprints for products, Schutz then takes time to intricately test them to make sure all the pieces work together correctly.


The company also produces many of its own materials, including the CORMASTER, which is made in a honeycomb-like design. This material can be adjusted to have different thicknesses and shapes so it works well in a handful of applications. Some advantages of using the CORMASTER include:

  • It can be used for a variety of different industries, including aeronautics and marine science.
  • It is lightweight and prevents corrosion.
  • It can be layered together to make a secure covering.

Schutz creates these materials with the use of bonded composite parts and hot/cold furnaces to help mold the layers. This process is very complex to ensure accuracy and includes three different production stages which include a master mold, negative mold, and cured mold.

Protection from Permeation

Permeation (when a liquid is able to go through a solid) is a common problem with many IBC products. However, the brand works to protect its containers from this problem thanks to a six-layer feature that serves as a permeation barrier. This stops even the most intense liquids and vapors, such as gases and fragrances, from soaking through the walls and eventually causing discharge.

The six layers built into a Schutz IBC are:

  • A thick anti-static layer on the exterior.
  • A regrind layer.
  • Two layers of an adhesive material.
  • An EVOH permeation barrier.
  • An inner layer of HDPE.

By mixing layers of both EVOH and HDPE it helps to create a tough resistant barrier against chemicals, gases, solvents, and water vapor which often prove to be difficult to deal with if not contained correctly.

Eco-Friendly Focus

Schutz has a strong ecological focus which helps the brand to not only create products that are made from ethical materials, but build production facilities that are environmentally-friendly as well.

Because of this, customers will find that many of their items are produced with the help of wind power which not only works to cut back costs, but prevent pollution as well.

Schutz also works to help provide safety when it comes to creating products for ex-zones. In fact, the company creates special IBCs that are made with anywhere from three to six layers to prevent items inside from leaking out and contaminating areas. 

Another way Schutz helps to stay eco-friendly is with the use of its Ticket Service. This service can be used on all Schutz IBCs and allows the company to pick up an IBC in only a few days so it can be restored. By recycling and repurposing parts, the Ticket Service ultimately helps to stop unnecessary waste and save money.

A Strong Approach to Safety

IBCs are designed to hold various types of items, including potentially hazardous ones. Because of this, Schutz uses a strong approach to safety and has a CLEANCERT feature that holds products up to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Schutz also makes sure to use organic dyes and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pieces to prevent polluting contents and from creating toxic waste.

Other aspects of CLEANCERT include:

  • Batch traceability.
  • Strict hygiene requirements for employees and multiple staff training sessions throughout the year.
  • Short inspection intervals.
  • Constant inspections of glass and plastic.
  • Pest control.
  • The IBC being quickly closed with its cap.
  • Surface inspections for bacteria.

By following such protocols, Schutz can confidently create and export products that are made of the highest-quality and prevent possible contamination of certain liquids and objects used with them.

Schutz offers a vast number of products that can be used for a variety of different purposes. All of the items made are sustainable and ecological which helps them to make a positive impact on the environment while also being incredibly durable for tough jobs. This analysis shows not only the quality of the products made, but their craftsmanship as well.

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