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IBC Schutz: One of the World’s Largest IBC Companies

IBC Schutz is one of the largest producers in the world for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The containers are made with high-quality materials that help to store various types of products, such as liquids and solids. These items are made out of many different materials that work to keep them durable and allows businesses to reuse the containers often. While the company mainly focuses on producing these items, IBC Schutz also designs and creates drums and a handful of different spare parts and accessories to use with IBCs and drums. Despite being made with strong materials, these products come at an affordable price which helps customers, such as business managers, to save money.

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Schutz’s Products and Services

The brand provides numerous products that can help a company invest in durable IBCs and accessories to use with them. These include drums, valves, gaskets, nozzles, wrenches, and safety closures.

All of these products come in various sizes, colors, and other customizable options. There are also plenty of interactive photos for the products which allow consumers to virtually adjust the item to view it from different angles. In addition to this, each good has its own brochure that intricately describes all the specifications about it. These items can be conveniently ordered online or locally through Schutz’s vast networking system. Clients can add these products to their watchlist if they want to save products they are interested in potentially buying.

Types of Schutz IBCs

There are numerous types of Schutz IBCs available to use that range in their material and purpose. Below are a few offered.


The ECOBULK LX can hold up to 264 gallons and features a wooden pallet on the bottom. This standard option is encased in a protective steel grid cover and has a screw cap fill opening and a butterfly valve outlet. It can be stacked three-high.


This IBC model comes in a handful of different designs allowing customers to choose their own pallet and valves. Ideal for a high bay warehouse, the ECOBULK MX can be made to have a special FDA-compliant food certification feature. This model can also be constructed to hold anywhere from 170 to 330 gallons. The ECOBULK MX can be stacked four-high and has a steel grid covering and corner guards to help ensure it does not become damaged during heavy-duty usage.


The ECOBULK HX is designed to safely hold up to 275 gallons of liquids such as resin, adhesives, and sticky food fluids. It can secure even the most troublesome of liquids and its design allows customers to mix them safely inside the container. The bottom plate is made of steel and its outer layer can be customized to have an anti-static coating and UV protection. The ECOBULK HX can be stacked three-high.


This IBC is uniquely created to hold various types of liquids thanks to an EVOH permeation barrier coating. This not only helps to reduce contamination, but prevent discharge as well. The pallet of this model features four layers that include steel and plastic coverings. It can also hold up to 170-330 gallons depending on the size a customer buys.

  • ECOBULK MX Feeder

The ECOBULK MX Feeder helps to make handling products easier while also simplifying the process of draining liquids. This product can replace small units and can be stacked on similar products to save space. There is a connection hose built into the container that can be used to transfer liquids inside if necessary.

Reconditioned IBC Options From Schutz

Another unique IBC option provided by the brand is the availability of reconditioned IBCs. Despite being reconditioned, the containers are still extremely durable and meticulously tested to ensure they will work well for future customers. Clients considering investing in reconditioned IBCs from the company will find that their containers:

  • Are made only with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.
  • Feature new valves and screw caps.
  • Have a UN certification for up to five years.
  • Have an intense testing process through the Schutz Quality Management System to make sure the product meets all necessary requirements.

There are numerous benefits that come with using these reconditioned IBCs. Some include that they help to save money, are long-lasting, and reduce waste. 

Services Provided by Schutz

There are plenty of services provided by the brand that can help to ensure that any products bought work well, and if problems arise, will help consumers to fix them quickly. Below is an analysis of Schutz’s products and services.

Ticket Service

One of note is the Ticket Service which allows the brand to collect old IBCs and re-purpose them in an eco-friendly way. This free collection service can be done by securely placing a location and customer ID into the company’s website for pickup or collection. Schutz has an extensive global network that allows the Ticket Service to be used throughout the world and that IBCs are quickly picked up when the service is requested.

While this service is free, there are a few things that clients need to keep in mind in order for the company to safely remove them. This includes aspects such as:

  • Making sure the IBC is completely drained.
  • There are no hazardous materials inside that could cause harm to both human health and the environment.
  • The IBCs are not damaged.
  • The label plates and similar information must be legible.
  • The valves on the IBC must be closed and in the correct position. They must also be operable.

Steel Service Center

Another service provided by Schutz is a Steel Service Center. This operation is run by the company to ensure high-quality parts are made for its IBCs. The center works to create thousands of different items, some of which can be tailor-made based on personal preferences. Clients can work with Schutz to create a unique product that fits their needs by visiting the Steel Service Center or contacting Schutz through one of the many communication channels available, such as social media and email.

Machine Development

Schutz also has a Machine Development Service available that allows engineers to create high-tech production facilities to produce various products. Inside these facilities, consumers will find some of the latest technological advances, such as 3D printers and CIM software. The company will work alongside clients with the Machine Development Service to create products that fit their needs perfectly. This also gives Schutz complete control over how the products are made rather than them having to depend on a third party.

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Behind the Schutz Brand

Schutz is a well-known IBC brand throughout the world with locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. The company was founded in 1958 by Udo Schutz as a way to help provide technical solutions, particularly with plastics and metals, for manufacturing companies. Over the years, Schutz has grown to become a reputable name in the industry thanks to its high-quality and environmentally friendly products. In fact, many of the company’s products are now made with wind power which is not only cost-effective, but is sustainable and helps to create jobs.

While Schutz continues to create traditional IBCs and parts for them, they also work to be an industry leader and invest in new methods and parts for modern IBCs. The brand has grown to have three different divisions which include Industrial Packaging, Contactor Energy Systems, and Production Services. 

Today, they have become not only a trusted company in the industry, but one that has strong brand values and numerous certifications and quality labels, allowing their operations to continue expanding throughout the globe.

Schutz Brand Values

Schutz prides itself on having a strict code of conduct that is designed to not only ensure customers receive the best products, but that employees have a workplace they are appreciated in. Some fundamentals of the brand include:

  • Stopping and preventing corruption.
  • Eliminating discrimination.
  • Using ethical suppliers.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Carefully following antitrust laws.

By adhering to these values, the company is able to create a positive working environment that also produces the best products possible for businesses. Because of this, the brand often finds that clients continue to use its services and products as they not only are durable, but made ethically as well.

How Schutz Communicates

Social Media

Communication is key at Schutz because it allows the company to understand the needs of customers better and to ensure quick and accurate service. Customers can communicate with the company in a variety of different ways, such as through email, by phone, or with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media helps Schutz to instantly talk with clients while staying up-to-date with current technological trends.

In addition to being used as a place for instant contact, clients will also find photos, videos, and other forms of multimedia on their social media pages which help the brand to reach customers and be more transparent.

Trade Fairs

Besides an online presence, Schutz also presents products at a handful of trade fairs. The fairs the company attends are hosted throughout the world, many of which are located in Germany and the United States. Company personnel can help answer any questions or concerns a consumer might have about their products which can help to ensure customers invest in the right products for their needs. Meetings can also be arranged at the booths and can be done by filling out an online form. For those interested in keeping up in where the company is traveling, consumers can check out the Fairs section on their website which gives detailed information about the trade fairs the brand will be at and where the booth will be located.

Press Releases

Press releases are vital as they help Schutz to communicate with both its regular customers and potential ones. The press releases highlight new items as well as older models. In addition to this, they give customers an inside look into how Schutz products are being used throughout the world, such as with wine production and food safety. All of these press releases can be read online and downloaded in a handful of languages, such as English, French, and German.

In addition to short press releases, Schutz writes its own magazine, transcribed in over four languages, that gives clients a deeper look into the company to learn more about areas such as its history, successes, and current innovations. Customers will also find numerous photographs in it that visually showcase the products and events described.

With a Handful of Website Networks

The vast Schutz website networks help to keep customers throughout the world informed on its products and give them easy access to ask questions, place concerns, or buy products. The network of websites are designed to be easy to navigate and are written in a handful of different languages to best serve customer needs. In addition to this, the websites are ergonomic and work to help define important terms and explain concepts so that businesses invest in the right items.

The Distribution Network Analysis of Schutz

Schutz has a vast distribution network throughout the world creating a unique international presence. Due to this, clients will be able to find items that cater to their specific needs. Customers will also discover that thanks to this distribution network, any products sold can immediately be packaged for distribution and sent out quickly. This massive network analysis also helps the company to reach new customers who might otherwise not have heard of it.

Schutz’s distribution network analysis is conducted by carefully researching demand and figuring out the best way to serve customers in an efficient manner. This helps the company to not only produce products that will work well for certain areas throughout the world, but to reach clients swiftly.

The Importance of Logistics

Another vital part of Schutz’s distribution network is its use of logistics. By carefully researching regions and local transportation methods, Schutz is able to transport products efficiently and without causing major impact to surrounding areas. All routes used by vehicles to reach company facilities are designed to not only help them move and unload items faster, but are built to withstand heavy usage, especially by large trucks that often venture through local roads.

Supply Chain Optimization

The company also has a major supply chain optimization that looks closely at a customer’s supply chain and determines the best way to transport goods to them that is both ecological and economical. A few aspects the brand looks at when deciding the best route to use include:

  • The production/delivery of items.
  • The distribution of the items.
  • The packaging of the goods.
  • If there are storage concerns.
  • If the collection or reconditioning of items is needed.

By considering things such as this, Schutz is able to not only follow its brand values, but help to ensure that its customers are satisfied with the products as well. In fact, the brand has seen an impressive reduction in transport costs, CO2 emissions, and the use of space by using its supply chain optimization. 

Schutz is a sought-after company in the IBC world for numerous. Not only are its products made of durable materials, but they are crafted with ethical supplies that eco-friendly. Consumers will also find that the brand has a vast communication network throughout the world which can keep them up-to-date on current products and allows any questions or concerns to be quickly placed and answered.


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