Schutz’s brand values and identity

Into the Schutz’s Brand Values and Identity

In its 60+ years of manufacturing history, Schutz GmbH & Co. KGaA has developed from a small business that manufactured and sold metal hot oil heaters into the international plastic and metalworking company that it is today. An analysis of Schutz’s brand shows that this massive growth was created by an unwavering dedication to core values instilled by the founder, Udo Schutz. Unwilling to compromise the quality, integrity, or innovation of each product, Udo Schutz has developed a company that now fills the role of global and environmentally conscious manufacturer. Below the values have been broken down as well as their impact on Schutz GmbH & Co. KGaA as a whole.

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Implementation of a Company Code of Conduct

Early on in the history of the company, founder Udo Schutz implemented a code of conduct that governed every interaction from the beginning of the supply and resource search to the hand-off of the completed product. Having such a code in writing informed every company member of their specific role as well as the expectations that applied to them. This encouraged full accountability as well as responsible working and interaction on a company-wide scale.

While many of the central company values were listed specifically in the code, some were also implied and understood at every level of the manufacturing process. This was a result of the strong values of Udo Schutz himself. When a company has a strong leader who displays personal values in his own work and life, it is easy for employees and customers to get on board and assist with supporting those values as well. Below, you’ll find an explained list of explicitly stated as well as implied values supported by this company.


Udo Schutz’s dedication to quality products was the trait that initially set him apart in the world of manufacturing. Schutz specifically designs each product for the purpose it will serve, tests each product extensively, and patents and guarantees each design. This ensures that no matter what the product is used for, whether shipping food, water or even transferring chemicals, the product will protect both its contents as well as those transferring it.

In its business practices, Schutz GmbH & Co. KGaA uses a set of worldwide standards for the quality of its products and services. This has given Schutz a name as a responsible and dependable source for materials and shipping products while guaranteeing that the products will satisfy the need described.


Schutz promotes constant innovation of products and acknowledges that this desire to constantly improve is the engine that drives the business. Schutz regularly pushes to create more effective products that use fewer resources and minimize environmental costs. No product is above the need for innovation, and the pursuit of improvement is what has pushed the company in its development from a small business to an international company with locations on every continent except Antarctica.

Schutz’s work in the field of innovation over the course of 60+ years has clearly paid off, resulting in respected expertise in both plastic and metal production. Research and in-house development ensure that this pattern of growth remains constant and continues to place Schutz at the top of the field with skills, products, and execution.


This value is written into the code of conduct, namely Compliance with ethical principles in all dealings with suppliers. This ensures that materials are ethically sourced and fair to the supplier as well as to the consumer. This code guarantees that all business interactions are to be done in a way that is above reproach with the end goal of benefitting the supplier, the producer, and the consumer.

Schutz’s high standards for leaders, innovation, and quality of training at the leadership level guarantee that all customers and employees feel valued and protected during the process. This environment of practiced workplace integrity has encouraged an impressive retention rate for employees and clients alike.

Environmental Sustainability

Schutz GmbH & Co. KGaA holds that a product is only good if it has everyone’s interests in mind, including that of the environment. All products are constantly under evaluation to ensure that production costs, including resources and environmental effects, are as low as possible. All products and manufacturing processes are held to the highest environmental standards. In this arena, Schutz promises to embrace sustainable principles in order to be a responsible business partner and contributor to society.

Further, Schutz measures its work against ambitious environmental goals to hold Schutz accountable. These help Schutz to gauge whether it’s successfully acting as an environmental partner or whether further program-related innovation is necessary. One example of such innovation, the Schutz Ticket Service, serves to recycle used IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) in order to prevent irresponsible disposal of potentially hazardous materials and to take the pressure of responsible disposal off the client. This program displays Schutz’s proactive nature in the fight for environmental protection in manufacturing.


Schutz also works to design products that achieve maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Many IBCs are used for shipping liquid products, such as adhesives. Previous designs by other companies were inefficient in design and caused a significant portion of the product to remain inside the container even after fully emptying it. Schutz redesigned the IBC to have a downward slope in the container floor, ensuring an emptying percentage of nearly 100% and reducing the amount of wasted product, saving the customers money.

Schutz’s high levels of quality management also ensure that the company maintains resource efficiency throughout the supply chain. This insightful management system cuts costs at all levels of production and shipping in order to benefit customers and manufacturers alike. The company’s globally standardized technology and processes also guarantee quick turn-around throughout the production of the highest quality goods.

Customer Satisfaction

Schutz guarantees the sustained quality of its products even after shipping and handling. The SHEQ policy guarantees that the product delivered must be in perfect condition to fulfill the expectations that the customer had in purchasing it. Udo Schutz focuses on customer service and satisfaction because he knows that pleased customers are necessary for ongoing professional interactions and purchases. In every aspect of the company, Schutz aims to exceed expectations.

In order to more fully dedicate itself to full customer satisfaction, Schutz has introduced integrated production systems. These ensure that the completed product is of the highest quality because every contributing piece along the way has been checked as well. This integration system guarantees that costs are kept low throughout the whole process, promising customers the very best service and prices.

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The Payoff of Company Values

Throughout its 60+ years of development, Schutz has earned the reputation of being an innovative, environmentally conscious, and producing products of the highest quality. These traits are a direct result of the high values implemented by the founder, Udo Schutz. Because of his dedication to integrity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, the company has achieved great success in every sector and will likely continue to do so under his faithful example of company values.

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