Schutz’s Product Ranges and Scope of Supply

Schutz’s Product Ranges and Scope of Supply

Schutz is known around the world for providing high-quality packaging systems, industrial services, composites, wind power systems, and energy systems. With an emphasis on reducing plastic production and CO2 emissions in their work, they have been making great strides at implementing a service that does their part to promote a better planet for the future.

This page will conduct a full Analysis of Schutz’s products and services to help any interested party to become more informed on the purpose of this company, what they do, and so on. This way, potential clients can learn everything there is to know about this company and what they might be interested in buying from them.

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1. Packaging Systems

Packaging systems are one of the most prominent categories of services offered by Schutz. Specializing in packaging systems that safely transport hazardous materials. Schutz packaging systems are known for helping their customers receive extra time and an affordable price.

Packaging systems for hazardous materials generally need to come from a trusted manufacturer if companies want to receive the highest level of quality that exists. Below, the main categories of packaging systems offered by Schutz are described. This is done in order to help potential clients become more aware of what kind of services this company provides.

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Intermediate Bulk Containers (or IBCs) are reusable and industrial strength containers that come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be used to transport many types of materials including liquids, pastes, solids, and so on. If a company needs a reliable means of transporting hazardous materials, IBCs are generally the right solution. One reason that they stand out as a great investment is that they are reusable and long-lasting. 

IBC Collection & Reconditioning

Schutz Ticket Service is a free collection service that will help Schutz clients to remove their IBCs in an environmentally safe manner. Therefore, if Schutz customers have an IBC sitting around with hazardous materials inside, they can simply call and ask for help. They are also able to recondition and repair IBCs in the event that they become damaged.

Chemical Storage Drums

Chemical storage drums have a cylindrical shape that is used for bulk storage of harsh chemicals and hazardous materials. They generally have a lower storage capacity than IBCs and are known for having a durable shell. If a business needs to store a wide variety of different chemicals, they might choose chemical storage drums.

Accessories and Spare Parts

There are many different types of accessories and parts that customers might need when they own industrial packaging systems. From filters to screw caps and outlet adapters, having access to a manufacturer like Schutz with spare parts available at a moment’s notice can come in handy. When a packaging tank gets worn down or needs a touch-up, getting accessories and spare parts from a provider like Schutz is often a great last-minute solution.

2. Industrial Services

Owning a company in the industrial sector can be a daunting task. Specifically when it comes to the maintenance and construction of the many different tools, surfaces, storage tanks, machines, and so on. Being an expert in the industrial sector, Schutz is a provider of many different services to assist companies.

The main categories of industrial services offered by Schutz include steel services, SMP-fluorination, and construction of machines, plants, and tools. Each of these services is relevant to someone who owns a company in the industrial sector. Below, each of the industrial services offered by Schutz is broken down in greater detail.

Steel Service

Making high-quality steel is not an easy task. It requires high-tech machinery and know-how that many companies simply cannot match what customers find in Schutz. They can make high-quality steel coils, split strips, bars, and so on. Steel is produced in a cost-efficient manner from many different suppliers with the customer’s wishes put first in mind.


The last thing the owner of industrial storage systems needs to worry about leakage. The main solution to this for those who own plastic containers is to receive SMP-Fluorination for their containers. This process completely seals plastic containers and prevents any sort of permeation and leakage. Many Schutz tanks already come equipped with this, but if a tank purchased from a different manufacturer, this may need to be done.

Machine, Plant & Tool Construction

Schutz is also a great manufacturer of just about all of the different systems and machines that are used for industrial production. With a focus on high levels of performance, adherence to the standards of production, and durability, Schutz is a great option to call if a company needs help with any of these things.

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3. Composites / Wind Power

Composites and wind power are two of the unique services that people can find in Schutz that are not always offered by competitors in this industry. Composites are often an important component of many different machine parts in industrial machines. The aerospace industry is another common recipient of high-quality composites.

Wind power systems have been growing a lot in popularity throughout recent years. Especially for companies that want renewable sources of power readily available. If anybody has been seeking an affordable and efficient means of switching over to renewable energy, the Schutz wind power systems might be an attractive option. Below, the composites and wind power systems offered by Schutz are broken down. 

Honeycomb Composite Materials

Schutz composite materials are typically used as molded or machined parts or as sandwich elements in industrial systems. They are made with honeycomb materials that have been widely popularized and used by the aerospace industry. Now, these high-quality composite materials are also used in the industrial sector, the automotive sector, for ships, and so on.

Wind Power System Construction

From the designing phase all the way to the final mass production of wind turbines, Schutz is acclaimed for helping their clients come up with a master model of wind power systems that meet their needs and expectations. All of the parts required from rotor blades to the molds are done in a very high-quality and efficient manner. 

4. Energy Systems

Whether you own private property such as a home or a large public building, having high-quality energy systems installed help those who use the property to stay comfortable at all times. In addition, getting the right energy system can even help save money on other less-efficient energy systems.

Schutz specializes in three different types of energy systems. Specifically, these are underfloor heating systems, AIRCONOMY® Systems, and heating oil storage systems. Each of these is high-quality and efficient choices to consider while searching for a great energy system for an industrial or private property. Let’s go ahead and look at each of these systems in greater detail.

Underfloor Heating Systems

Imagine the scenario of coming home from work and removing your shoes. When this happens, the average hard flooring surface will naturally be cold for the feet to touch. To counter this, having underfloor heating systems can go a long way. The Schutz underfloor heating systems are cost-efficient, provide thermal insulation, and are easy to install.


Instead of installing many different systems for handling things like heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and so on, potential Schutz clients often consider getting an all-in-one system that handles each of these things. The AIRCONOMY® Systems installed by Schutz provide an economical, energy-efficient, and simplistic means of handling each of their clients’ heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

Heating Oil Storage Systems

Oil-tank based heating systems are widely acclaimed for their power and overall effectiveness. They tend to take up very minimal levels of space and are very easy to install and use. There are many different types of oil storage systems to consider while shopping around. Generally, they differ in terms of the total number of liters, amount space designed to heat, and overall power.

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