Schutz’s Product Quality & Sustainability

Schutz’s Product Quality & Sustainability

Schutz is a globally-renowned provider of IBC packaging systems, industrial services, energy systems, and composites. Due to their increasing notoriety, it is important as a potential consumer to educate yourself on this brand before deciding whether or not to do business with them.

As part of a comprehensive analysis of Schutz’s products and services, it is necessary to understand the level of quality that the Schutz brand provides. Specifically, what features of their services and products help them reach this status. In addition, this page will also break down the sustainability practices of this brand below!

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5 Ways To Confirm Schutz’s Brand Quality

Before the sustainability practices of the Schutz brand are covered, start off by exploring some of the features and service aspects that help illustrate the high level of quality that this brand provides in their products and services. Below, 5 different manners in that this brand’s quality can be confirmed will be found.

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

One of the main marks of a quality IBC packaging system is that they are built with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Otherwise, they risk problems with compatibility, durability, and overall quality. Since Schutz prides itself on making its gear with OEM parts that are specifically designed for the gear being manufactured, it is a lot easier to be confident in the overall prospect of longevity and durability.

2. UN Certification

When Schutz OEM parts are used in the manufacturing or reconstruction of an IBC system, for example, they can receive a prestigious UN certification. This helps customers to be confident that the products they receive are certified by a globally-recognized system of standards. This is also a necessary feature for many companies that need to fulfill certain requirements such as these.

3. Safely Used in Dangerous Working Environments

Many Schutz products are designed to not only complete the task at hand but also to go above and beyond. In particular, many of the Schutz IBC packaging systems are specifically designed to be used in hazardous working environments like ex-zones. In addition, those who need to meet specific requirements to package and process food products will be able to find a great Schutz product that meets all of the qualifications necessary.

4. All Components and Materials are 100% Traceable

Whenever someone buys a Schutz product, they can be sure that the materials used were gathered in a responsible manner that ensures the quality of the product. Since each of the components and materials used in Schutz products are completely traceable, clients can be confident that only the desired high-quality materials are put into the gear they purchase.

5. RECOBULK Reconditioning Service

The RECOBULK reconditioning service offered by Schutz can heavily improve the overall worth and value of their customers’ IBC systems. This service gives IBCs a complete makeover, helping them to resemble the high-quality that they had when they first received them, and then some. Just about all relevant parts are either heavily cleaned or replaced with this service.

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10 Sustainability Practices by Schutz

The sustainability practices of a company are very important to those who want to both lookout for the environment, as well as support businesses that do so. As soon to be explored throughout 10 different great sustainability practices by Schutz, this company does a pretty good job ensuring that their production and delivery processes help do their part in environmental sustainability.

1. Reduce Total Production Costs by Up to 50%

Compared to their top competitors, Schutz IBCs are produced in a manner that reduces the entire cost of the total supply chain by around 50%. This alone helps make them a more sustainable company for IBCs. Reducing supply chain costs at this level also helps them reduce total CO2 emission levels. 

2. Streamlined Delivery Process

One of the common ways a manufacturer can have a great sustainability impact is during the delivery process. To be clear, this is the process that takes place after the product is manufactured. From the collection of the product to the transport and delivery at its final destination, Schutz does a great job eliminating unnecessary costs, emissions, and raw material consumption.

3. Energy Systems that Save Costs and Reduce Emissions

Schutz is also a great manufacturer of energy systems such as underfloor heating systems, ventilation systems, cooling systems, and so on. Best of all, they are known to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 420 kg per year. When compared to competitors, Schutz stands out as a sustainable energy system producer.

4. Lightweight Composites

The signature Schutz honeycomb composites are often used in airplanes and similar industries that depend on cutting back fuel costs as much as possible. Since these composites weigh 15% less than standard honeycomb materials, the lighter overall weight can have drastic impacts on a company’s ability to cut down on fuel usage.

5. Locations on 6 Continents

Part of a brand’s ability to be sustainable depends on them having close proximity to their clients. This way, they can cut back on production and shipping costs, as well as use fewer fossil fuels during this process. Since there are Schutz locations on 6 continents (all but Antarctica), prospective customers can be sure that they are located nearby.

6. High Overall Product Quality

If a brand wants to be globally-recognized as sustainable, it should be expected to produce high-quality products that will last much longer than average. Otherwise, they can find themselves wasting resources to produce new products prematurely. Since Schutz products are above average in terms of quality, they can cut back on overall material usage and deliver products that are built to last. 

7. Responsible Material Usage

Schutz is known for optimizing each process of their production, all the way down to fine details. Specifically, in terms of the efficient and responsible usage of materials. By minimizing material waste, they are both able to optimize the value offered from the materials, as well as cut back on unnecessary charges in areas such as emissions.

8. Increasing Usage of Recyclable Materials

Schutz has made many strides in recent years to use more and more recyclable materials. Since they also offer worldwide container pickup, they do their part in ensuring that unwanted materials actually do end up getting recycled. This helps eliminate material wastage and also makes it easier for them to offer lower prices. When used responsibly, sticking to recyclable materials stops us from filling up garbage dumps unnecessarily and to instead use our resources much more sustainably.

9. Increasing Renewable Energy Usage

This brand is a firm believer in the power and usefulness of renewable energy. Each year, strides are taken to increase the amount of energy the company uses that is derived from renewable sources. To be clear, certain non-renewable energy sources are still used such as oil. However, the usage of non-renewable energy sources continues to steadily decline each year from the company.

10. Sustainable Ambitions of the Company’s Management

Each aspect of the Schutz company from the top down places a special emphasis on sustainability. This means that they are both currently implementing new practices to increase their positive impact on the Earth, as well as constantly staying on the lookout for new ideas and means of being more and more sustainable.

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