The first Nanolike integration with SAP Business One for IBC fill level tracking and automatic chemical ordering

For the beginning of 2019, Nanolike reached a new step by partnering with Versino CZ – SAP Gold partner, and Donauchem CZ – leading chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. Nanolike SAP IBC monitoring solution is now connected with SAP Business One, the well-known ERP for SMEs to provide an automated chemicals supply chain management.

How does it work, from smart IBC containers to SAP?

Versino CZ and Nanolike pooled their expertises in SAP Business One and IoT technology respectively to come up with a ready to use integration platform between SAP Business One and IoT connected devices.

Nanolike sensors have been installed on Donauchem IBC containers used for transportation and storage of a large range of chemicals, creating connected smart tanks sending fluid level information remotely and in real time. Thanks to this platform integration, communication is allowed between Nanolike IoT connected IBC and SAP Business One. Then, when an IBC level goes below 25%, a new sales order is automatically created at SAP Business One for IBC replenishment.

With this successful integration, Donauchem is now provided with a complete IoT solution directly integrated with his own SAP giving the ability to put chemicals stock ordering on auto-pilot.