Nanolike speeds up its growth and signs a first rollout of several hundred connected feed bin sensors in Canada with Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd.​

Based on its numerous successes in Europe, Nanolike announces today that it has reached a strategic milestone in the international deployment of its IoT solution to connect feed bins with the signature of a first large-scale deployment in Canada. This new partnership aims to streamline and innovate the feed supply chain management for one of Ontario’s leading feed manufacturers: Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd (MFS).

Benefiting from a disruptive innovation and a strong knowledge of the challenges faced by the farming industry, Nanolike continues to grow and now equips feed bins in more than 13 different countries. Nanolike’s solution allows feed manufacturers such as MFS to monitor the entire feed inventory in a few clicks, to avoid urgent deliveries and to optimize their delivery tours while standing out from the competition. The main point is offering an innovative service that guarantees more time and safety to the end user: the farmer no longer needs to climb the bin.

The traction of the feedtech industry for the Nanolike solution comes above all from its disruptive character and this at the most attractive price possible. Indeed, Nanolike took the opposite approach and developed a patented, non-intrusive and maintenance-free level sensor.

A disruptive way to measure fill level

Mounted in less than 30 minutes and at ground level, the Nanolike sensor can be installed on all types of bins with legs without any special wiring or equipment required. It consists in a simple strain gauge that is screwed to one of the bin’s legs in order to measure the micro-deformations that are exerted on it according to the remaining contents. Hence, there is no need to touch the integrity of the bin or to climb on it to monitor the feed stocks. Measurement problems related to dust or emptying of the inverted cone inside the bin are therefore excluded. Moreover, thanks to a strong A.I. cloud computing and Nanolike’s algorithms, the type of feed or its shape does not impact on the measurement or implies a recalibration of the sensors.

“We had been searching the market for a cost-effective technology to connect our office with customer feed bin inventories. The solution needed to show value, but also be non-intrusive and operate without maintenance or access to electricity or on-farm internet. Nanolike has given us the solution”, explains Andrew Coghlin, President of Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd.

Feed bins key data available in the pocket for MFS and the farm producers

More than a simple level sensor, the Nanolike solution includes two different interfaces: a web platform generally used by the feed supplier and a mobile application more specifically dedicated to farm producers. Along with having inventory information at a glance, a four-day forecast is also available. Centralizing and analyzing all stock information remotely, without requiring the intervention of farm producers on the different farms, allows MFS to ensure greater security for its members and a continuous supply thanks to automated orders. Thus, this connected system simplifies order processing, which can be time-consuming and complicated for both the farmer and the supplier.

“This first rollout in Canada, as well as the ongoing pilots, confirm the strong traction of this new market for the type of solution we have developed. Indeed, initially designed with and for key players of the French farming industry, our connected solution responds to a common issue within the feed supply chain regardless of the geographical area. Furthermore, to provide the most effective support to our customers and to intensify our local presence, a new entity dedicated to the North American market will soon be opened in Montreal, Canada”, declares Jean-Jacques BOIS, COO and co-founder of Nanolike.

About MFS

Molesworth Farm Supply is a family owned business located in Molesworth, Ontario — a small hamlet northwest of Listowel — specializing in swine, dairy, beef, and poultry feed and nutrition. MFS sits on the border of Perth and Huron counties, which together, represent the largest area for pork production in Ontario, as well as a significant portion of Ontario’s beef and dairy operations.

About Nanolike

Headquartered in the South of France (Toulouse) with sales offices in Germany (Munich), Nanolike was founded in 2012 by two French engineers, Jean-Jacques BOIS and Samuel BEHAR. European leader in Industry 4.0 with its monitoring solutions to digitize and optimize the supply chain of feed bins and IBC containers, Nanolike is constantly evolving and will soon open a new entity in North America. Winner of multiple awards for innovation and an active member of the IoT Valley in Toulouse, Nanolike has recently obtained the recognition of the European Innovation Council with a grant of 2 million euros. Specialized in innovative measurement technologies and digital solutions, the company has multiplied successes on an international scale and provides complete IoT solutions to businesses in the farming, chemical and construction sectors.

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