Improve the agrifood industry's logistics thanks to the IOT

Autonomous and connected solutions to help farmer coops overcome tomorrow's challenge

Digitization in agriculture and food industry brings new opportunities to enhance companies performances. Nanolike silo monitoring solution is one of them.

Today, the key logistics management challenges in agrifood industry are:

Grain storage & procurement management

An under contract farmer running out of crop stock represents an issue for a farmers’ coop in charge of the restock. The coop needs to avoid interrupting feeding processes by all means.

Delivery management

To engage unplanned ressources to make an urgent delivery is a costly operation for a farmers’ coop.

Order management

Processing orders is time consuming and costly, both for the farmer and the coop.

Nanolike: a global solution to monitor grain storage

Nanolike helps agrifood industrials take these 3 challenges thanks to an end-to-end IoT solution dedicated to grain storage management for silos in livestock activity for example.

It displays the essential information of the silo like the fill level and the temperature. The solution is compatible with any kind of conical silo set up on legs.

benefits for farmer coops

Avoid urgent deliveries and optimize the rotation
Improved customer/collaborator service
Automatic ordering process
Differenciation by innovation & added value
Download the use case for chemical distribution

benefits for end users

On-time deliveries
Never run out of grain for livestock
Avoid manual and visual check of the fill level
Time optimization
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Monitoring chemical assets smartly is a key growth driver for industrials.
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