Digital technology as a game changer for chemical industry

IoT innovative solutions to overcome specific challenges facing chemicals key players

Digitalization is leading the innovation in all major industries and the chemical industry is no exception. Managing chemical & petrochemical supplies has become more and more challenging and all key players in this industry, from the producer to the end user, are in need of innovative solutions to transform logistics. Sensors and Internet of Things can meet this requirement.

Key supply chain management challenges in chemical industry:

Stock & procurement management

Without a clear grasp of their inventory levels, chemical companies can suddenly run out of important stock. In situations where suppliers are responsible for stock levels of off-site clients, the challenges are even higher. Managing stock and procurement more effectively to never run out of stock has become mandatory.

Transportation management

There is a risk of high financial losses when products are transported in less-than-optimal conditions.

Risk management

Handling pollutant and dangerous materials like chemicals can be one of the main challenges facing these companies. They have to make sure that dangerous materials are shipped and stored correctly to prevent incidents and to ensure safety and security .

Nanolike: a total solution to measure & monitor chemical supplies

To overcome these specific challenges, Nanolike has designed an innovative solution using IoT to measure & monitor chemical supplies.
It creates connected smart tanks, providing visibility of stock and fill levels of fuel, additive, AdBlue, lubricants, wasted oil, diesel, and other chemicals in storage environments.

See what's happening in every tank across your entire business wherever you are!

benefits for distributors

Transportation logistical savings
Optimized fleet utilisation to deliver more, less often with lower mileage
Automatic low cost ordering process
Save money with automatic ordering and create a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) process
Improved customer service
Improved customer satisfaction (never run out guarantee) & customer retention
Differentiation by innovation & added value
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benefits for end users

Full Stock visibility – Never Run Out
Total visibility & control of your chemicals fill levels, improving your stock management
On-time deliveries – Never Run Out
Better communication with providers & distributors on procurement needs
Reduced costs
Consumption monitoring & better procurement, avoiding business interruption
Reduced risks
Prevention of safety and security issues with leak and sudden drop detection
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Monitoring chemical assets smartly is a key growth driver for industrials.
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