IBC fill level monitoring

To optimize your longer-term storage and transportation logistics

Industrial tanks such as Intermediate bulk containers (or IBC) are widely used in chemical, petrochemical and food industry  for transportation and longer-term storage of various liquid or solid products.

As key assets in the supply chain and logistics management, a smart automatized monitoring of IBC tanks can help save time and money.

Key challenges facing IBCs management:
Run out of stock
Manual fill level checking
Need regular manual interventions to collect level data
Expensive emergency deliveries
Safety and losses risks
Storage of dangerous goods in IBCs (leaks, regulation conformity)

Nanolike: a total solution to monitor IBC

To overcome these specific challenges, Nanolike has designed an innovative solution using IoT to measure & monitor the fill level of your IBC tanks
It creates connected smart tanks, providing fill level and geolocation information remotely and in real time.

Fill level remote measuring
Know the current level of your IBCs remotely and in real time
Temperature & sudden drop alerts
To prevent damage and financial losses
Automatic inventory & Geolocation
Keep an eye on all your IBCs & locate lost or unused IBCs
Info accessibility to multi-target
Dashboard accessible to the IBCs users for better communication in the supply chain


See the Nanolike solution in action with our demonstration video of fill level IBC monitoring:

While the IBC is emptying, the fill level is indicated by various thresholds in real time on your personalized dashboard. You easily access this data by connecting to the dashboard in one click, accessible at anytime and anywhere you are.

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Monitoring IBC smartly is a key growth driver for industrials.
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