Optimize your supply chain logistics

Benefit from remote inventory monitoring to reduce your transportation costs, avoid shortages and streamline your operations with our smart solutions.
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Solutions Overview

We have a solution for each market

Feed suppliers

Discover BinConnect

Cement companies

Discover SiloConnect

Chemical industry

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Reduce your transportation costs

No more shortages and emergencies

Our solutions ensure that you always have the right inventory at the right time!

Transport costs optimization

We help you optimize your transport routes and anticipate your customers’ needs


Make sure your employees are focused on tasks that add value to your business

Real-time monitoring

Monitor, Manage, Optimize

Our solutions provide real-time data and alerts, so you can make informed decisions and take action quickly.

Real-time data

Monitor all your inventory at a glance, with accessible fill levels and inventory forecast directly on your smartphone.

Automated alert system

Get email or notification alerts on inventory status changes and have your customers get the same alerts. Customize your alert with just a few clicks.

Ordering tool

Streamline your ordering process with our mobile app, receive inventory level alerts, and take action by placing a new order!

Multi-accounts and access management

Give your entire team access to the solution without additional licenses.

And many other features to discover

Project Process

How to start your project with us in   3 easy steps  


We meet you on-site for the initial sensors setup and train you on our intuitive interfaces, empowering your team to manage the solution with confidence.

Project Management

We provide ongoing support, including regular check-ins, KPIs monitoring and adjustments to ensure a successful large-scale deployment.


We support you through the process of rolling out our solution across your organization and customers, ensuring a successful integration and long-term usage.
Our commitment does not end with the rollout – we are here for you every step of the way.

A human-centered approach

We do much more than selling sensors!

We offer a complete solution and personalized support

Non intrusive sensors

Customer success team

Monitoring tools

Our goal is to help you optimize your logistics and reduce costs in a sustainable way.

Customer testimonials

Our customers speak for us

Discover why feed manufacturers, cement companies, and even chemical industry leaders choose to work with our solutions.
“Through this innovation, Gaches Chimie aims to achieve a threefold objective. Firstly, to provide its customers with reliable real-time fill levels, giving them the ability to anticipate product shortages and avoid downtime. Secondly, to optimize the management of empty packaging. Thirdly, to benefit from the optimization of internal processes, including delivery routes, inventory rotation, IBC maintenance, quality control and much more.”


Digital officer

“SiloConnect isn’t just another solution; it’s a true game-changer for Holcim. It has completely transformed our customer service capabilities, providing us with unparalleled visibility and predictive insights thanks to its automatic alerts. It’s the guarantee of having the right quantity of cement in the right silos at the right time, allowing us in the meantime to greatly reduce our carbon footprint related to the delivery operations!”


Head of Global R&D and Innovation

“The BinConnect solution enables our farmers to efficiently monitor their inventory and prevent any feed shortages. Its user-friendly interface meets the needs of users and enables them to anticipate orders, which benefits both the customer and Axéréal Elevage. It’s an innovative opportunity that we have seized to broaden the range of services we offer to our customers.”


Energy Manager

“We had been searching the market for a cost-effective technology to connect our office with customer feed bin inventories. The solution needed to show value, but also be non-intrusive and operate without maintenance or access to electricity or on-farm internet. Nanolike has given us the solution”

Andrew Coghlin

President of Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd.

“We chose TankConnect because the benefits for us are: – Being able to geolocate containers at our customers’ sites at any time, allowing us to optimize their turnover and, consequently, their profitability. – Installing sensors regardless of the type or supplier of packaging. – Easily using the platform and tracking KPIs. In three words, my opinion is ‘truly a plus’.”


Quality Manager

“Going with BinConnect really helped our company. It helped us monitor the levels of our customers bin levels to make sure they never run out of feed. It helps our customers have a peace of mind that someone else is helping monitor their feed levels.”

David Williams

Sales Representative

Global scale

Wherever you are, we are there too!

Our innovative solutions are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and help you optimize your logistics processes. We provide full support tailored to your needs in 22+ countries. From Canada to Europe, from Latin America to Asia, we are there for you.