Revolutionize your livestock feed inventory management with BinConnect

Say goodbye to climbing on feed bins, even for the installation of our sensor! No more manual measurements or rough estimation, BinConnect is the ultimate solution for livestock feed inventory management.
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Business challenges

Are unplanned empty feed bins a daily concern for you?

Last-minute rush orders are a daily challenge for all of our customers worldwide. We know that this has many consequences and creates significant additional costs for your business. Whether it is a change in production schedule, changes in delivery routes, over or underestimation of available space in the feed bin and all the overtime for your employees.
Rushed planning changes
Empty feed bins
Last minute deliveries
Unnecessary overtime

Do not let unplanned empty feed bins disrupt your operations again


This is how we solve your problems

With BinConnect even barns with poor or no cellular network can be connected! Everything has been done to simplify your life and ensure reliable data over the long term. No matter where you are, we have a solution for you!

Fill level & forecast

Whether you are on the farm, in an office or on vacation, monitor inventory up to 4 days ahead

Automated alerts

Set up alerts based on fill level or remaining days of feed inventory to avoid shortages

Easy ordering tool

Make the ordering process easy with our mobile app and choose the right time to place an order


Improve operations with BinConnect's practical solutions

A simple sensor for big gains

The sensor measures the compression variation exerted on the feed bin leg as the bin is filled up or emptied. Our patented technology allows us to evaluate in real-time the level of feed in the bin.


Easy to install

Remote calibration

Long battery life

Maintenance free

Patented technology

Real-time monitoring directly on your smartphone

Do not waste time going on-site to check feed bin levels. No more dangerous climbing or guesswork. Monitor levels, receive alerts, and place orders from your smartphone. Stay informed, even on the go and experience efficient inventory management at your fingertips.

Push notification

Real-time data

Forecast (D+4)

Ordering tool

Additional advanced monitoring from your office

Upgrade your experience with our ergonomic web-based platform. Discover multiple features, enjoy advanced filters, historical data, interactive maps and program alerts. No need to download software. Enjoy unlimited user access online. You can also easily integrate our data with your existing system through an API.

The same features as on mobile, but also:


Alerts setup

Access management

API Integration

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Premium customer support: your success, our priority

No matter where you are (on the farm, in the office, on the go) or what the situation is, we are just a call, message, or email away! From installation to daily use of our solution, our team of experts is with you every step of the way. BinConnect was developed hand in hand with you, our valued customers, and your feedback has shaped our customer-centric approach.


The reasons why our users choose BinConnect

Now that you have a clear understanding of how BinConnect operates, let us explore why our users have chosen us and the value we bring to their daily workflow.

Why feed suppliers rely on BinConnect

"We had been searching the market for a cost-effective technology to connect our office with customer feed bin inventories. The solution needed to show value, but also be non-intrusive and operate without maintenance or access to electricity or on-farm internet. Nanolike has given us the solution”
Andrew Coghlin
President of Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd.


From installation to daily inventory management, forget about climbing on feed bins, everything is done at ground level

Ease of use

From large-scale deployment to data visualization anywhere, everything has been designed to simplify your life


Save money, optimize your resources and improve your delivery routes by anticipating your customers' needs

Customer support

You are never left on your own, we assist you from the initial installation and throughout your daily usage.

Why farm managers rely on BinConnect

"As a farm manager, the time I used to spend on monitoring feed inventory was a constant challenge, diverting my focus from the core care of our livestock. Thanks to BinConnect, those days are behind me. No more manual inventory checks or climbing to the top of feed bins. This solution has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to dedicate more time to what truly matters – our animals!"
Sarah Thompson
Farm Manager


No more feed shortage, your animal will always have the right quantity of feed at the right time


Forget about climbing to the top of the feed bins mostly in bad weather conditions and save valuable time


The sensor is installed outside the feed bin tank and on a single leg regardless of its shape

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