Maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and empower construction logistics!

Optimize cement logistics effortlessly! Install at anytime without disrupting production and benefit from remote calibration without any maintenance. Experience the advantages of silo monitoring, without the drawbacks!

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Business challenges

Do you spend time every day dealing with cement shortages?

Do not let these challenges disrupt your operations during peak times. In the fast-paced business environment, failing to meet customer requirements on time can lead to lost sales. Moreover, valuable resources are often consumed in the search for a solution and limited visibility prevents them from optimizing routes and deliveries efficiently.

Last minute deliveries
Logictics overload
Safety issue
Waiting cement tanker

Enhance customer loyalty with guaranteed just-in-time delivery


Leave these problems behind with our solution

Get alerts to anticipate full truck deliveries and gain 24/7 visibility on cement inventory to keep your production moving!

Automated alerts

Get notified when a delivery for a silo is possible. Stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs and never run out on-site with our alert system.


Keep track of your cement inventory 24/7, anywhere, whether you are on-site, traveling, in meetings, or at the office.

Daily consumption

Anticipate upcoming orders with this indicator, which gives you a quick overview of your daily consumption.


Experience a plug-and-play solution with SiloConnect

Quick and efficient sensor setup

You can install our sensor anytime, regardless of whether your silo is empty, full, or in use. Unlike other technologies, there is no need to climb to the top of the silo. Just equip one leg, and you will have reliable fill level measurement.

Easy installation


No interruption

Remote maintenance

Non intrusive

100 % wireless

All you need to know at your fingertips

From now on, you can do everything remotely and stay focused on the essentials. You no longer need to take risks and endanger on-site employees to estimate levels and put an end to approximations.

Alert notification


Daily consumption

Ordering tool

A unique and simple platform to manage everything

Filter and monitor critical silos with a few clicks, enabling just-in-time ordering. Create groups and customize alerts for each plant to ensure uninterrupted supply and prevent construction site shortages.

The same features as on mobile, but also:


Alerts setup

ERP integration

Unlimited users

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Your satisfaction matters most

At Nanolike, personalized customer support is our top priority. Whether you are at a construction site, in a cement plant, on the go, or at the office, our team is dedicated to serving you. With a global presence, we offer support in Europe, Australia, North America, and beyond. Experience optimized logistics with SiloConnect.


The reason our users choose SiloConnect

Forget about inventory shortages and save time! Select our non-intrusive solution and experience maintenance-free operation. With SiloConnect, leverage accurate measurements and ensure a consistent supply of cement in the right silo, at the right time.

Why cement manufacturers choose SiloConnect

“SiloConnect isn’t just another solution; it’s a true game-changer for Holcim. It has completely transformed our customer service capabilities, providing us with unparalleled visibility and predictive insights thanks to its automatic alerts. What sets it apart is its straightforward installation, freedom from maintenance concerns, and seamless data integration for automatic orders, all of which significantly enhance our service offerings. SiloConnect means no more cement shortages, no more construction site downtime, and safety for all employees and customers too. It’s the guarantee of having the right quantity of cement in the right silos at the right time, allowing us in the meantime to greatly reduce our carbon footprint related to the delivery operations! This is an innovation worth embracing, and we’re fully on board!”
Head of Global R&D and Innovation


Monitor cement levels for all your customers and benefit from an automatic alert system to anticipate their needs.

Ease of use

Unlike conventional technologies, our solution is installed simply on one leg of the silo, requires no physical maintenance and can be set up at any time without having to climb to the top of it.

Data integration

Already have your own platform? Integrate our data seamlessly into your system, to create a single platform and provide an even more complete offering.

Why precast concrete plants choose SiloConnect

"At our precast concrete plant, SiloConnect has truly transformed our operations. Gone are the days of complex sensor installations and risky on-site maintenance. Now, we can easily monitor silo levels in real time, all from our smartphones, ensuring safety and efficiency. Plus, timely notifications of low supply levels have made a significant difference. SiloConnect is the solution we've been waiting for."
Merrick Hawthorn
Operations director


Say goodbye to complicated installations and on-site maintenance for sensors. Eliminate level approximations that cause delays on construction sites and no longer put yourself in danger to see what's inside the silo!


View all silo levels instantly on your smartphone and many more options. Receive email or push notifications as soon as a silo is nearing empty.

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