Turn your simple plastic IBCs into a smart and connected container fleet

Embrace a new era where smart IBCs make traceability and control easy. Monitor fill levels, temperature, and geolocation in real-time. Optimize your IBC fleet rotations and streamline deliveries for maximum efficiency.
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Business challenges

Are you dealing with inventory shortages, quality control or IBC recycling challenges?

As a product distributor or IBC manufacturer, numerous challenges can lead to significant costs for your company or customers. Avoid disruptions in your supply chain caused by limited IBC inventory visibility and stand out from the competition by delivering real value through smart IBCs. Eliminate the need for last-minute deliveries and proactively meet your customers’ needs no matter where you are!
Empty IBC
Urgent orders
Lost or inactive IBC
Quality control

How are you supposed to recycle your IBCs if you don't know where they are?


All your IBC fleet at your fingertips

Stay connected to your IBCs, anytime, anywhere. Get real-time alerts on their location and conditions, from customer sites to your own facilities. Experience the power of our discreet, patented sensor solution – available in O.E.M. or retrofit versions.


Make IBC monitoring and recycling easier with TankConnect

Non-intrusive and 100% wireless

Our IBC sensor is easily installed between the pallet and the plastic bag, ensuring discreet positioning and better adaptation to bottle changes. Compatible with top brands like Schoëller Allibert and Greif, our robust solution can be installed on any IBC. Featuring a durable casing that withstands shocks and chemicals, our sensor requires no physical maintenance.


Easy to install

Remote calibration

Shock & chemical resistant

Maintenance free

Patented solution

Instant visibility of key data

Unlock the power of smart IBCs: optimize resources, reduce plastic waste, and gain real-time insights through our web platform. Access valuable data, including maps, consumption history, temperature, levels, utilization rates, and more. We also offer you the option of integrating this key data into your existing platform via our API.

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ERP Integration

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Tailored and optimized customer support to meet your needs

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we understand the unique challenges faced by chemical product distributors and IBC manufacturers. That is why we havve developed TankConnect, a complete solution designed to meet your needs. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth integration and delivering a high-quality experience.


Why our users choose TankConnect

Unlock the potential of a circular economy in the chemical industry with TankConnect. Our innovative solution revolutionizes the life cycle of IBCs, addressing the ecological, logistical, and economic challenges of industrial packaging. Achieve economies of scale, optimize resource allocation and minimize plastic waste with smart IBCs.

Why IBC manufacturers trust TankConnect

"Through this innovation, Gaches Chimie aims to achieve a threefold objective. Firstly, to provide its customers with a reliable real-time inventory status, giving them the ability to anticipate product shortages and avoid operational disruptions. Secondly, to optimize the management of empty packaging. With environmental concerns at the core of our innovations, we are committed to helping our customers simplify the management of their mostly returnable empty containers: monitoring their location, status, idle duration and receiving alerts. The cost and environmental impact savings in this area are significant. Lastly, to benefit from the optimization of internal processes, including delivery routes, inventory rotation, IBC maintenance, quality control and much more."
Digital officer

Innovation & customer loyalty

Stand out from the competition by choosing TankConnect. Our advanced solution goes beyond basic level monitoring, providing you with real-time access to temperature and geolocation data. Deliver exceptional support to your customers while ensuring the highest standards of storage conditions.

Circular Economy

Our solution empowers IBC manufacturers to play a pivotal role in sustainability. By implementing our system, you can maximize the lifespan of IBCs, reduce waste, and promote resource efficiency. Join the circular revolution and transform one-way IBCs from disposable waste to sustainable assets.

Why product distributors trust TankConnect

"We chose TankConnect because the benefits for us are:
- Being able to geolocate containers at our customers' sites at any time, allowing us to optimize their turnover and, consequently, their profitability.
- Installing sensors regardless of the type or supplier of packaging.
- Easily using the platform and tracking KPIs.
In three words, my opinion is 'truly a plus'."
Quality Manager - Kersia Group


No more manual monitoring, gain complete control and visibility over your IBC fleet with TankConnect. Locate empty containers, access real-time inventory and storage conditions, optimize delivery routes, and streamline operations for maximum efficiency.


Safeguard sensitive and hazardous chemical products with our solution. Continuous temperature monitoring and environmental tracking maintain product integrity, adhering to quality standards and providing peace of mind to distributors and customers.


Avoid losses and improve your fleet management by tracking empty IBCs effectively. Anticipate customer needs and optimize your delivery routes with fully loaded trucks. Boost cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction, leaving losses behind.

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