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Mauser is a renowned Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) producer that creates various types of IBCs for numerous industries, such as food, medical, and chemical. This company is best known for its unique tubular IBC design which helps consumers to easily fill the tank up and transport it around. In addition to this, Mauser has a vast amount of locations allowing it to reach businesses across the globe. It also offers many services to help users, such as fleet management, collection of its IBCs, and reconditioning options. Below is more information about this major IBC tank brand and why many clients choose to use its products.

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The History of Mauser

This brand was founded by Alfons Mauser in 1896 in Germany. Mauser worked tirelessly to create products that would adhere to consumer demands, and in 1903, came out with a metal drum, something which was meant to help replace the flimsy glass drums that were commonly used. Over time, Mauser designed more innovative products, such as an L-ring drum and the Repaltainer, causing its popularity to soar. Because of this, the brand has become a reputable name in the industry and has grown to have hundreds of locations around the world, including headquarters in Germany and the United States.

How Mauser Reaches Its Clients

Mauser has many ways that it caters to the needs of clients. This includes designing customized IBCs and attending events around the world to better reach consumers. In addition to this, Mauser highlights how clients use their products by composing stories for their newsletter, something which can help Mauser gain new customers and keep current ones up-to-date on new innovations.

Industries the Company Serves

Mauser serves a variety of different industries.


Healthcare industries often use IBC tanks to safely transport hazardous waste. The containers are built to contain even the most dangerous products and prevent them from leaking. Mauser IBC tanks for medical use have unique waste containment systems such as SHARPSGUARD and WIVA which can be used to move medical instruments and infectious or bodily waste.


Chemicals are some of the most difficult items to transport due to their sensitive nature. Mauser has created IBCs to serve these needs by ensuring that even hazardous and flammable materials can be safely moved around and stacked. To prevent contamination, these chemical tanks are constructed with tamper-proof settings that adhere to UN and DOT certifications.


The food industry often uses IBCs as a way to help store solid food waste and liquids, such as fruit juice and water. Other items these tanks can hold are wine, purees, and syrups.

There are also special food-grade IBCs that can assist those in the seafood industry. These IBCs are constructed out of materials that can withstand heavy wind and water and be filled with fish and crustaceans. After being emptied, users can apply a disinfectant, such as bleach and water, to the tank for cleaning and then reuse it.

Mauser IBC tanks are built to meet strict sanitation laws as well as certifications from organizations such as the Global Food Safety Initiative, Interstate Milk Shippers, and American Institute of Baking International. When consumers are finished using their tank they can recycle it.


There are various reasons why the construction industry relies on IBCs. A few include that they allow construction workers to transfer different types of cements, grouts, solvents, primers, and adhesives. Due to these items often being very difficult to transport, Mauser IBC tanks are built to withstand heavy-usage thanks to their thick sturdy walls and valves that can be used to safely remove or measure the contents inside. In addition to this, these IBC tanks can be built to have labels on them so workers can quickly see what the tank is storing.


Mauser also creates IBC tanks that serve the agricultural industry as they can hold items such as pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. Unlike other storage options that can only be used once after being filled with these contents, Mauser IBC tanks can be washed out and reused again without fear of contamination.


This IBC brand can create distinctive tanks for the automotive industry depending on the client’s preferences. In fact, Mauser can make unique IBC tank shapes and even add decals to their tanks for automotive companies. These recyclable containers can hold fuels, lubricants, cleaners, and hydraulic fluids.


The pharmaceutical industry can also find plenty of Mauser tanks to use to store cosmetics, pills, drug capsules, and powders. Mauser IBC tanks are specially designed to hold medications to prevent contamination so they can be carefully transported to another facility or stored away until needed.


Consumers can also use Mauser IBCs to hold everyday items like detergent, pet food, paint, and cleaning solutions. These also come in a variety of different shapes allowing users to find a tank that works well for their needs.

IBC Services

Besides catering to numerous industries, this brand also has plenty of IBC services available as well.

Empty IBC Collection

Clients who want to remove empty Mauser IBC tanks can do so with the help of this brand’s collection service. The brand has created an intricate global network that allows it to pick up its tanks in an efficient manner. This service also encourages businesses to be more ecological as it reduces waste and prevents unused tanks from taking up an excessive amount of space. Those interested in using this service must fill out an application that requires information such as the name of the business, address, and the number of containers that need to be removed.

Fleet Management

Fleet management helps clients to create a flawless logistics plan to track their container fleets. Some benefits of this service include:

  • Giving consumers the ability to store and transport tanks with ease;
  • A tracking feature, so clients can monitor where their containers are;
  • Intense cleaning procedures of the vehicles moving the IBCs to prevent contamination;
  • Being a cost-effective and eco-friendly option;
  • Reducing fuel usage.

Customized Services

Mauser also offers customized services to help consumers who might have specific needs. Some of these services are:

  • Maintenance of IBC products;
  • Repair of broken parts and replacement if necessary;
  • A washing and drying process done by Mauser professionals that helps with IBC sanitation and prevents sticky washing solutions from lingering behind.

All of these services are catered to meet the demands of consumers and ensure their Mauser products last them for many years. Clients can contact Mauser who will then work with them to create a personalized plan for their company.

Mauser’s Focus on Sustainability

Mauser has a strong focus on ensuring its products are made of sustainable materials. While they offer new IBCs and similar items, they are usually made of recycled parts. In addition to this, Mauser works to recondition their old IBCs so they can be reused. This focus on sustainability not only helps with saving time and money, but reduces environmental damage as well.

One way Mauser is able to work on creating a strong sustainable company is by having a set of guidelines to follow. This includes making sure that its products are easily available in local places and working to create compact yet durable options that do not take up much space or are pricey to make.

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Mauser IBC Products

There are quite a few Mauser IBC products available, all of which range in their designs and usage.

Composite IBCs

Composite IBCs are a traditional IBC tank but made with an innovative tubular design. This type of IBC can be used around the world as it follows global regulations and comes in numerous sizes.

Mauser also designs its composite IBCs to have light protection which can prevent the growth of bacteria, contamination caused by harmful UV rays, and the spoiling of contents inside. The IBCs also feature steel grids to protect the tanks from scratches and to provide support to the container when it is being filled.

Passport IBCs

Passport IBCs are mainly created to cater to industries in North America, particularly the agricultural chemical industry. This form of IBC comes with features such as:

  • A unique infrared-welded valve that can be safely used with various chemicals and later reused;
  • A barrier that protects contents from permeation;
  • Tamper-evident settings that include a check valve and air-flow lid.

Mauser Passport IBCs can hold 135, 220, 275, or 330 gallons. Besides agricultural chemicals, these IBCs can hold paints, dyes, and petrochemicals.

Reconditioned IBCs

Reconditioned IBCs have been previously used, but are restored to their former grandeur. Despite being secondhand options, they are still very durable and undergo intense procedures to ensure that they can withstand heavy usage. This form of IBC comes in numerous materials which include plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel, and composite mixtures. In addition to being an affordable option, reconditioned IBCs are also environmentally-friendly as they work to reduce carbon footprints.
This form of IBC is available in numerous locations, such as North America and Europe, and can be safely used to store contents such as paints, petrochemicals, seafood, agricultural chemicals, and medications. Reconditioned IBCs also come in a variety of sizes with the largest holding up to 330 gallons. 

Additional Products to Use with IBCs

In addition to its many IBC options, Mauser has a few other products clients can invest in to use with their containers. These include selections such as dairy containers, drums, bottles, and jerrycans.

Dairy Containers

Mauser creates many different specialty containers, such as those that can hold dairy products. These dairy containers work to keep contents fresh when being shipped and can even hold solid dairy products, like ice cream and cheese. They are designed to be safe to use in freezers thanks to their resin coating and can prevent items from crystallizing due to their tight seal.


Drums can also be used alongside Mauser’s IBCs and can transport both food and hazardous items. Mauser drums are made in a variety of materials which include fiber, steel, and plastic and come in numerous sizes. Despite being made of heavy-duty materials, the drums are budget-friendly and lightweight. 


Mauser bottles can store contents such as chemicals and fuel. The bottles can be placed under the IBCs and then sealed with a degassing cap to prevent contamination and spillage. These bottles are made of thick high-density polyethylene which prevents light pollution from damaging the contents.


Jerrycans are mainly made of steel and are ideal to hold liquid such as fuel. IBC owners can use jerrycans to transport liquid from the tanks. Mauser’s jerrycans are UN and DOT certified and come in numerous sizes and colors. They are also formed with a built-in ergonomic handle and undergo extreme testing to ensure they can withstand heavy usage. The jerrycans can be stacked and put on pallets for transport and storage. They can also be recycled when no longer needed.

Mauser is a popular Intermediate Bulk Container brand that has spent decades designing unique IBCs and products for them to be used in various industries, such as medical, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. Its IBCs can be found around the world and come with many features, such as the ability to be recycled and a vast amount of customizable options. Due to this, many businesses use Mauser as a way to store and transport their goods.

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